How to get your family prepared for winter

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The weather has definitely taken a turn here in England. Today was the first morning I had to put on my gloves to protect my pram hands. Before you know it the icy mornings and snow will be here. So now is the time to make sure the whole family is kitted out for winter. Today I am sharing how to get your family prepared for winter.


New Jeans

On a cold day, jeans like these are a good go-to option. If your husband works outside, or your kids enjoy spending hours in the garden, then jeans are an ideal choice.

Denim is especially good at keeping the cold wind at bay. It is heavy enough to hold the warm air produced by the body against the skin. Plus, provided you choose a relatively loose fit, you can easily slip another layer of clothing on underneath.


Boots all round

I love Boots. Every year I pick out a new pair (or three!) for myself and the girls. When it’s really cold, they are the best footwear option. Most boots have relatively thick soles, they keep your feet warm by insulating them from the cold. Boots encase your foot completely,  meaning you can go out on a very cold day without your ankles freezing and your lower legs feeling cold.

When choosing winter boots, it is a good idea to choose a pair that has non-slip soles. You can also waterproof them. This article explains how to quickly get that task done.


Warm coats

A warm coat is a winter essential. What style you buy is very much a question of personal taste. But, any winter coat you choose needs to be well-made, showerproof and thick enough to keep the wind out.

In all likelihood, at some point, you are going to want to wear a jumper under your coat. So, you need to bear that in mind when choosing which size you buy. If you want a bit more advice about buying the right winter coat, just click here, to read a post I wrote about that very subject.


Practical hats and gloves

Buying hats, gloves and scarves for everyone is a good idea. They make a huge difference when it comes to keeping the cold out.

You can even buy gloves that allow you to use your touchscreen devices. Generally speaking, Wooly hats are the most practical. Bonnets are perfect for kids as they hug the head closely and will not blow off if it gets windy.


Warm underclothes

Numerous studies have shown that wearing several layers of clothing is the best way to stay warm. So, it makes sense to plan your family’s winter wardrobes with this in mind.

This does not mean that you have to buy thermal underwear for everyone. If nobody in your family is going to be spending all day outside, thermal underwear is not necessary.

For most people, wearing a pair of leggings and a t-shirt under their ordinary clothes is enough to keep them warm. It does not necessarily have to be leggings and t-shirts. A pair of lightweight training bottoms or tights will also work for the bottom half. For the top half, a vest or a lightweight shirt can be a good alternative to a t-shirt.


So, there you have it. A list of the basic clothes you need to ensure that your family is ready to enjoy being outdoors, regardless of how cold the weather is this winter. Wrap up and have fun!




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