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Maeve's 11 month Baby update - Roseyhome -baby update, postpartum update, baby, 11 month update, eleven month update

  Maeve turned 11 months old on the 8th of April 2017.   WEIGHT Maeve had her 12 month check up with the health visitor on 17th of April and she weighed 22lbs. To give you an idea that is right in the middle of the 75th percentile.     DAILY Maeve wakes up at around 6.30am. If she wakes a little earlier I tend to leave her until 6.30am before I go in and get her. I do want…

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    3 eco-friendly home projects to do with kids

      Life with kids is wonderful. But sometimes, it can be exhausting. It can be hard to find new and fun activities to keep them entertained, especially when we are trying…

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    The best place to holiday with children

      As the dark nights draw in I find myself dreaming of summer holidays. Rosalie starts school in September 2018. Next year will be our last chance to book a family holiday during…

  • How to remain Stress Free in Pregnancy

      Pregnancy and looking after a newborn baby can cause stress and anxiety. For the most part this is unavoidable. You want to keep your baby as happy as possible but in those early days…

  • My Baby Shower - Roseyhome - baby shower, baby sprinkle, baby, pregnancy, gifts, pregnant, baby girl

    My Baby Shower

      Last Saturday my two bestest friends threw me the most wonderful baby shower. Everything about it was just perfect!     Afternoon tea at the sweetest venue with my best girls. The…