Easy Bathroom Make Over Tips

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Does your bathroom need a facelift? Try these quick and easy makeover tips.

It’s no secret that the bathroom is the busiest room in the house. Everyone uses it, including guests and it works harder than any other room in your home. From the amount of time my husband spends in there, to bath time with the girls and sopping wet floors. Then there is steaming hot showers, toothpaste splashes, the never ending pile of toiletries, bath toys and the empty loo roll tubes that seem to multiply by the second. It’s no wonder that the bathroom gets so neglected when it comes to decorating…so what can we do to freshen things up a bit?

Read on for 5 quick and easy bathroom makeover tips



Dank and dingy lighting in a bathroom is a no go. Having low lighting might be favourable if you’re hoping to achieve a relaxed, spa-like atmosphere so installing dimmer switches might be a good idea. However, if you really want to give your bathroom an instant lift, try installing some LED lighting instead. LED lighting is bright, modern, long lasting and will also save you money in the long term – it’s a win, win! You can check out more information about LED lighting on this website.

Mirror, mirror

Still using that old mirror above the sink? Mirrors are a crucial factor in any bathroom; they create the illusion of light therefore making the room look bigger, they’re practical and look stylish at the same time. Glittery, tiled or framed bathroom mirrors or something themed to suit your bathrooms overall look. If you’re hoping to get something a little more budget friendly, then head to a charity shop or keep an eye out for sale items in your favourite shops. Ikea have some great reasonably priced mirrors.


Bathrooms need to be practical so many of them end up being quite plain. You know me I LOVE white walls, but if colour is more your thing adding a splash of colour here and there can really help brighten a space. If you want to add something permanent then you can always pick up a paintbrush and update your walls within an afternoon, or if you want something a little more changeable then try updating your towels for little pops of colour. You can also match your accessories to your new colour scheme!


Beautiful windows

Steam, grime, condensation and general wear and tear, window dressings get a bit of a hard time in the bathroom. You need something that will not only look good but will withstand everything you and your family can throw at it. You could add something bright, bold and colourful, something stylish and modern, or something traditional and more fitting in your spa like retreat. We have plastic venetian blinds in our bathroom. They look stylish but are also very practical.


No more carpet

If you have carpet in your bathroom, now is the time to get rid of it! Bad flooring can really let a room down, so if you’re hoping for a quick uplift then try installing a new floor. Switching from carpet to hardwood or laminate will give your bathroom a modern, stylish feel and it is so much easier to keep clean. Just remember to update your bath mat too!

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