How to find the perfect winter coat

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For what seems like the longest time I have been searching for the perfect winter coat. There are many things to consider when searching for ‘the one.’ Weighing up practicality against style. After weeks of deliberating I think I have finally found the one. Here’s how I made my decision and the other coats I considered.


The Dog walking coat

For this you need something that needs to be both warm and waterproof. Although it’ a fine line, you don’t want anything too warm as I often get too hot when I’m chasing around after the pup. Engelbert Strauss have a great selection of practical outerwear. I knew I wanted something that was stylish too.


The Stylish Coat

I wanted a coat that looked good. I’ve dreamed of getting this beautiful fur trim coat from DLSB for a while but it’s quite pricey so I havn’t actually bit the bullet and purchased it. Just look at that beautiful fur. It’s the fur hood of dreams. The only thing is the colour, I’d prefer it in black or khaki. I also worry that it won’t be very waterproof.


The Activity Coat

If you are doing any kind of sport or exercise in the cold you will need a warm but breathable coat. We recently went on a family ski holiday so I needed to buy ski coat. Something that would keep me warm in the cold but also allowed the moisture to escape. After much deliberation I settled on this black ski coat with fur trim from Dare2be as I felt it ticked all the boxes for skiing at least. I still didn’t feel like it was the perfect winter coat for everyday.


The rain coat

There seems to be a lot more choice when it comes to rain coats these days. Gone are the days when every child had a peter storm coat. Shops such as Newlook and Topshop do some really nice, affordable rain coats. I do find many are quite thin though. Although they stop you getting wet they don’t actually keep you very warm.


I tried to find a coat that combined all of these qualities. I wanted something that was waterproof, warm AND looked good and I think I found it. I settled on this water repellant puffer coat from Zara. It’s waterproof, stylish and keeps me snug as a bug on those chilly morning school runs.

Have you found the perfect winter coat? Let me know your recommendations below.



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