Elf on the Shelf Ideas

It’s that time of year again, the Elf on the shelf has come out of isolation and taken up residence in our home. Whilst we love this fun family tradition it can sometimes be hard to think of 24 elf on the shelf ideas and activities.

I have put together a list of 24 easy set ups that you and your family will love. I have also included some festive activity suggestions to really get you into the Christmas spirit.

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Day 1 – Elvis the elf has arrived in his isolation capsule and with him brings an advent gift basket filled with festive treats. Check out my youtube video to see all the items I’ve included in mine. Elvis is sat next to the basket.

Day 2 – Elvis has ransacked the baking cupboard and got out all the baking supplies. Let’s join him in some festive baking. Elvis has made footprints and spilt flour all over the worktop.

Day 3 – Elvis has brought with him some Christmas colouring sheets for the kids to enjoy. He is sat next to colouring sheets and pencils.

Day 4 – Elvis is rocking a new face mask this year! Elvis is sat wearing his mask with some supplies to make your own.

Day 5 – It’s time to write your Christmas cards. Elvis is sat with his christmas card to you, and has left all the things you need to write yours.

Day 6 – Elvis wants to help decorate, he has bought a decoration from the north pole. Elvis has bought with him all the materials for you to make your own decoration. Take a look at these paper cut template kits for more inspiration.

Day 7 – Elvis thinks it’s time we got out for some fresh air. He has bought a scavenger hunt for you to tick off on the walk. Elvis is sat next to a clipboard with the scavenger hunt and pen.

Day 8 – Elvis thinks we should write our letter to Santa. He’s brought a letter writing kit to get us going. Elvis is sat at the table next to Santa’s letter pack.

Day 9 – Elvis has an idea. He’s started to decorate our windows to spread some festive cheer to our neighbours and passers-by. Can you help him finish it off? Elvis has stuck a window sticker up and left the rest for you to do.

Day 10 – Elvis wants to spread joy and what better way to do this than with acts of kindness. He’s jotted down some ideas. what idea will you choose? Elvis is sat next to his list.

Day 11 – Elvis loves gifting presents and he’s bought a gift for you. Today why not make some handmade gifts for your family and friends. You could make Christmas decorations, food gifts, write a poem or colour a picture. Elvis sits under the tree with a box on his lap.

Day 12 – Elvis has loves a party. He’s bought some festive head wear for you to wear to join in the fun. Elvis is partying with his toy friends, he’s bought some party wear with him.

Day 13 – Elvis loves nothing more than a festive hot chocolate in his favourite mug. He’s bought a new mug for you to enjoy your hot chocolate in too. Elvis is sat in a mug surrounded by marshmallows, next to the colour your own mug kit.

Day 14 – Elvis has made himself a new outfit. Can you make him some more clothes? Elvis is sat next to the sewing machine with the felt ready to start sewing.

Day 15 – Elvis has bought with him a special North Pole Breakfast, which Elf treat is your favourite? Elvis has set up the breakfast table with a Christmas table cloth and napkins.

Day 16 – Elvis has been baking. He’s made some candy cane lollies. Can you make some too? Elvis is sat next to the diy candy cane lollies.

Day 17 – Elvis has brought with him a box of Christmas craft supplies. What will you make? Elvis is sat with the craft supplies.

Day 18 – It’s your last day of school so Elvis has bought some gifts for your teacher. Can you make them a gift bag and thank you card? Elvis is sat with the teachers gifts.

Day 19 – Elvis is having a snowball fight with his friends. What a cheeky elf. Elvis is sat with another toy having a snowball fight with mini marshmallows.

Day 20 – Elvis loves a bubble bath and has bought with him bath treats for you to use in the tub. Elvis is sat in the doll’s bath filled with marshmallows.

Day 21 – Elvis favourite food is jelly and his favourite colour is red. Today Elvis has made you some festive jelly to enjoy. Elvis is sat next to the jelly.

Day 22 – Elvis’s favourite Christmas movie is Elf. What’s yours? Elvis is sat watching a Christmas movie with his popcorn.

Day 23 – Elvis has brought some reindeer hot chocolate cones for you to enjoy. Elvis is sat with mini mug ready to cheers.

Day 24 – It’s Christmas Eve and Father Christmas is on his way! It’s time for Elvis to go, He’s left a milk bottle for Santa and a tray for his festive treats.

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