What’s in my hospital bag?

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As you will already know if you have been following my blog and pregnancy updates for any length of time, I was so unprepared for this baby. We were still doing building work to our house the week before baby girl was due to arrive!


I think I packed my hospital bag when I turned 39 weeks pregnant so I left it very last minute. The general advice is to have your hospital bags packed from 36 weeks. If all went to plan (which it did) I hoped to have a home birth so it wasn’t something I really needed to do. I decided to pack my hospital bags just in case I did need to go into hospital in an emergency, and so that all the bits I may need during labour and delivery would be in one place.


Here is a list of all the things I packed in my hospital bag for labour and baby.




For most of my labour with Rosalie I wore a black maxi dress as it was the middle of August and that was what I had worn to the hospital. I decided that it had served me well last time so I planned to wear the same thing during this labour. I also advise taking some snacks and energy drinks to help keep you going. I couldn’t eat and drink anything whilst labouring last time but you never know how long these things will take. I would really advise writing a birth plan. You can see what I put on mine here. I would print off a few copies of this to take with you. This is so that each midwife/doctor can have a copy even if there is a shift change. I would also take a small purse with some cash or change in for the hospital car park. You do not want to be caught short when the time comes.


hair clip
hair ties
isotonic drinks – we took lucozade still
maternity notes
5x copies of birth plan
baby wipes
fluffy socks
purse with money
bikini top – if you plan on having a water birth
light dressing gown
maxi dress – to labour in
flip flops
night dress




After you’ve given birth you’ll just want to live in Pj’s or something similarly as comfortable. I’ve packed 2 sets of pyjamas which is plenty. Remember your partner has to go home each evening so if you’re unexpectedly asked to stay in hospital they can collect you some more and bring them in on their next visit. I’ll list all of the toiletries and other items you need below. In terms of a coming home outfit make sure it’s something comfortable. I’m taking a loose fitting dress and stretchy tights with boots and my coat.


1x pyjamas
3x granny panties a few sizes too big
2x nursing bras
jug – for post labour toilet trips!
1x going home outfit – hooded sweatshirt, maternity leggings, loose top
1x pack of maternity towels
1x pack of breast pads
phone charger
camera & charger
make up bag



dry shampoo
face wipes
pile cream
lansinoh nipple cream
arnica tablets
bump cream
body wash
shower puff




For baby I have packed the following. I have packed way too much, especially considering that I was let out of hospital the same day when I gave birth to Rosalie. I am packing this hospital bag in case things go wrong and if they do I will probably need to stay in for longer.


2x tiny baby sized sleep suits
2x tiny baby sized vests
2x newborn sized sleep suits
2x newborn sized vests
1x 0-3 month sized sleep suit
1x 0-3 month sized sleep suit
2x cardigan
10x nappies
1 x pack of nappies to leave in the car
car seat blanket
cellular blanket
tommee tippee grooming kit
hooded towel
soft toy


Baby’s Toiletries

top to toe bath
baby oil
hand gel
wet wipes
water wipes
grooming kit
nappy bags


For a more detailed explanation of all the items I think you need in your hospital bag you can take a look at my ‘what’s in my hospital bag’ video over on my channel.


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