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Labour and Delivery Story – 2nd time around

Labour and Delivery Update - 2nd time around - Roseyhome - labour, delivery, baby, newborn, birth story, labour and delivery story, birth

  On the 8th May 2017 my 2nd baby girl was born at 40 + 1 weeks. This is her Labour and Delivery Story… It was Sunday 7th of May, my due date. I was most annoyed that I had reached my due date as Rosalie was born a few days before and I was banking on it being the same again. I spent the day gardening and drinking raspberry leaf tea. I drank ALOT of tea. Around lunchtime I…


  • What's in my hospital bag - Roseyhome - hospital bags, labour bag, delivery bag, baby bag, what you need in labour, birth, baby, pregnancy

    What’s in my hospital bag?

      As you will already know if you have been following my blog and pregnancy updates for any length of time, I was so unprepared for this baby. We were still…

  • What’s in my hospital bag?

    I found these ‘What’s in my hospital bag?’ you tube videos really helpful when trying to decide what to pack in my own hospital bag. So now i’m all packed I…