Rosalie’s 16 Month Update

16 months, Wow! It’s Christmas soon and we are so excited to share it with you this year.


Weight: I have no idea, I really should find out. She does eat a hell of a lot these days! Actually she has always eaten a lot.
Daily: I am still working 3 days a week and to be honest I still haven’t got used to it. Every week just seems to whizz past in a blur and I still don’t know if I am coming or going.
Rosalie wakes up around 7.30am. On working days I get up at 7am to get ready and do my make up etc before she wakes. On non working days we sometimes have a little lie in till 8am.
On working days we get up and Rosalie and I will have our cereal together. When I am not working we usually eat breakfast later at around 9am. So as soon as we get up Rosalie will have a beaker of cows milk and I will have a coffee.
After breakfast I take Rosalie upstairs, I change her nappy and get her dressed for the day. If we are staying at home we will have some playtime before Rosalie goes down for a nap at 10.30am. If we are out and about Rosalie never naps so I will put her down later or after lunch.
We usually have dinner at about 5.30pm. I try and make it so we have a family dinner together but this isn’t always possible. Rosalie and I always have dinner together but sometimes Nick isn’t there. After dinner Rosalie has a bath and stories before bed. At the moment we are bathing Rosalie every night but she has developed some patches of eczema so maybe I am washing her too much. Although I don’t use any products on her skin. I have decided to start to bathe her every other day to see if her skin improves.

Playtime: Rosalie is a climber. She likes to climb everything. Tables, Chairs, Rocking horses, the TV Stand. If something stays still for more than two seconds Rosalie is on it!

We go to the library every two weeks and Rosalie will choose herself some books. She still loves her books and brings books to you to read to her throughout the day.She still like to mother things. She likes to feed her dolls and soft toys and she gives them lots of cuddles. She has a doll and pram at my mum’s house which she pays with the most when we are there. She has been brought a doll for Christmas that will stay at our house, as well as a wooden cot and pram so I am looking forward to seeing what she thinks of those.

Ralph and Rosalie are still the best of friends. She gets so excited if she hasn’t seen him for a while and they chase each other around the house.

Bedtime: Up until now Rosalie has had a bath every night but I have decided to reduce this. On non bath nights I think I will let Rosalie watch some TV before we go upstairs for story time. We then dim the lights and read stories before I give Rosalie a kiss and lay her down in her cot. Some nights Rosalie will whinge a little when I put her down, other nights she doesn’t make a sound or she just chatters away to herself. She is normally asleep after about 10 minutes. I never go back in Rosalie room to check on her as I am scared I’ll wake her!

Feeding: Rosalie eats whatever we have for dinner. Usually in the week we are pretty healthy and have meat and veg but at the weekend we are a little bit naughty. Rosalie does have chicken chow mein on a Saturday night. Rosalie loves her some prawn crackers!
Sizes: Rosalie is in 12 – 18 month clothes now. I STILL haven’t done the wardrobe switch over which I need to do before Christmas as I am sure Rosalie will get many more clothes as Christmas gifts.
She is in size 5 nappies.


Teeth – The first of Rosalie’s molars have still not come through fully. They have now broken through the other side but are still covered in the middle by gum! Thankfully Rosalie has never been to bothered by her teeth coming through. Rosalie has 7 teeth with those 2 nearly through.
Talking – Rosalie chatters constantly, although most of it is baby babble she does say a few words amongst it.. She now says ‘doggy’, ‘woof’, ‘oh no’, ‘yea’, ‘Teddy’, ‘Baby’, ‘Uh-oh’, ‘Bye-bye’, ‘Nana’, ‘nar-nar’ ‘tickle-tickle’ ‘Dada’ ‘Mama’ ‘More’ ‘Pot pot’ ‘wee wee’ ‘poo poo’ ‘Biscuit’ ‘Chocolate’ ‘Breakfast’. She says ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ and if you ask her a question she will answer yes or no, sometimes!Potty training – We have a potty but she hasn’t done anything in it yet. Whenever I let her run around with no nappy she doesn’t wee or poo!

I can’t believe we are about to experience our second Christmas with you! I’m so looking forward to you opening all the presents we have carefully picked out for you. You know how to unwrap presents now so this Christmas will be interesting.
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