Rosalie’s Christmas Present Haul 2015

Here is a little sneak peek of the gifts that Nick and I have bought for Rosalie this year. Rosalie’s big present was her Teepee, which I am in love with FYI. We gave her this gift early so it is up in Rosalie’s bedroom already. You can read my review of Rosalie’s Teepee here. I tried not to go overboard with presents as Rosalie still doesn’t really understand Christmas and gets bored of unwrapping too many gifts.
I have been gathering little bits and pieces that I have seen whilst out on our travels for the last few months, things that I thought Rosalie would like.
I thought I had bought lots but actually when I put it all together to film this haul there wasn’t as much as I thought. I think that is a good thing though, as the only grandchild and niece, Rosalie will be thoroughly spoilt by the rest of the family I’m sure!
You can take a look at what Nick and I bought Rosalie over on my Youtube Channel here.
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