The House Renovation – Bedroom and Ensuite – Part 1

So we have finally started the BIG bedroom renovation…

This post is rather boring but I wanted to show you the pictures before we start work.

The old beauty room/walk in wardrobe has been empty for a while so nick was able to cut through the plasterboard wall to the main bedroom.

Old Beauty Room/Walk-in Wardrobe to be

We moved out of the bedroom completely last week so its ready for Nick’s dad to plaster it all. We just need to take down the curtains obviously!
Our Bedroom
The plumber will be starting on the first fix today. Yey! progress…. Then Nick will start building the fake wall for the walk in shower.
Old Ensuite Sinks

Ensuite minus Shower (That went weeks ago!)

Our new bathroom suite and all the tiles have been delivered and are waiting patiently in our dining room.

It’s all systems go.

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