Keeping your pregnancy secret

So the next thing you must do as a newly expectant mother for the first time is to keep it a secret. I find this very hard!!

The very day I found out I told two people (two people excluding my mum, she doesn’t count!) despite telling nick I wouldn’t! He knows me too well. That day I was meeting two friends for lunch. One with a newborn 1 month old baby, the other with an 11 month old baby. We shall call these friends ‘the mummies’. Now the thing is with mummies, the first thing they ask as soon as they see you especially when they know you are trying is to as you when you are going to be joining their club. So that’s what happened, Abi asked ‘Are you pregnant?’ and all I did was beam but they knew. Shit! Two more people knew!

But actually it was the best thing. We sat and talked about all my weird symptoms and they reassured me that the crampy pains I was having was just a normal sign of the baby settling in and not a cause for alarm. The worst thing about finding out about a pregnancy very early on is that you are alone for such a long time. I skipped this stage by telling me besties and thank god I did! I couldn’t have done it without them.

Despite thinking initially I was 7 weeks at this stage I was actually only 4 weeks . We had a scan that confirmed this. We had gone expecting to see our little baby and maybe even hear a heart beat. It was most disappointing to see only a faint shadowy ring. This is a good sign I was told. Baby is doing well, I just must have ovulated late and so I am not as far along as I thought.

I am now 9 weeks and let me tell you it has been a looooong 5 weeks. Next week I will be 10 weeks and we will be having our first scan. Yes there will be rather alot of us cramming into the tiny room to take a first look at this miracle growing in side me but who cares. Not me, I’m just glad my husband and my mother want to share this moment with me. Roll on next week. It’s been a long time coming.

(p.s I wrote this aaages ago but couldn’t post due to the obligatory secret keeping!)

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    19th March 2014 at 3:04 AM

    Found your blog through Instagram oogling your square foot garden ha! So happy to stumble upon your blog.
    I'm a first time mom so I love reading "bump dates" and mother musings. Can't wait to follow along! Have. Fabulous day! -Xo Amanda

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      Sarah Cantwell
      19th March 2014 at 10:11 AM

      Aww thanks Amanda! That is so lovely to hear. I will be sure to have a look at your blog and check out you raised beds too! he he 🙂 Sarah x

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