I’m Pregnant

Ok so today I found out I was pregnant!

About 7 weeks pregnant to be exact which is crazy! How can I be that far gone and not even know? It’s all to do with how they work it out from your last weeks period not your actual conception date. 7 weeks man! That’s like almost 2 months in! WTF!

Or so I thought….. My last period was 3rd November when we were on honeymoon. It is now the 20th of December. We have been trying, I say trying, I mean NOT not trying since our wedding day. When my period didn’t show I kept doing pregnancy tests which were all negative. I’d been testing the first wee of the morning every few days. I’d called the doctor. She told me to wait a week and test again. I mainly called the doctor because I wanted to know if I was pregnant so I would know if I could drink at my work Christmas party (not sure I should admit that!) I thought maybe they could do a special blood test that would tell me straight away if i was pregnant or not, she wouldn’t. I did a wee test on Friday 13th December, day of the Christmas party. NEGATIVE!! F**k it! I’ll have a drink.
And so I did, rather too many it turned out.

I then continued the next week worrying about my antics until Friday 20th of December rolled around. I’d survived my last full week at work before Christmas. I knew today was the day to test again. Having done rather alot over the last few weeks it was becoming like second nature. I woke up at 5am with a very strong urge to pee. I strolled over to the toilet opened the test packet on the side with my eyes closed. Peed on it, flushed, washed and waited. I trundled back to bed and lied down, half asleep while the digital test did its calculating. After 3 minutes or thereabouts, with one eye open, I peeked at the test. POSITIVE 1-2 weeks. Whhhhhaaaaaattttttt?!?!?

I immediately woke up nick who was lying in peaceful slumber next to me.

Me: ‘I’m pregnant!!!!’

Nick: ‘huhhhh???’

Having endured weeks of my negative tests he was rather doubtful. After confirming the positive result. We lay awake then for the next 3 hours talking about the baby, the future and generally trying to digest the news. Shit! We are going to be parents and I can’t fricking wait!!!

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