Girls Day

Last weekend I went to London for the day to have a catch up with Lucy and Laura, My sister in laws. It’s not often we all get together. What with Lucy living the city life and Laura in the middle of her dissertation, opportunities for us all to get together are few and far between. So we all made a special effort and a day of pampering was planned.

Our first stop was the biscuiteers boutique for a DIY icing class and afternoon tea. They served us tea on arrival, and then next brought out our biscuits ready for icing. We each chose three biscuits to decorate. I chose a dress, a ginger bread man and a heart. They then gave us a demonstration on how to ice and away we went. I must say that as Lucy and I pride ourselves on being master bakers, Lucy being the cupcake queen. We had thought we’d be quite good. How wrong we were! We were terrible. It turned out Laura who admits herself, cant bake! had a natural affinity with icing. Her biscuit’s looked by far the best. Once finished we sent our biscuits off to be dried whilst we filled our bellies with afternoon tea.

We had an afternoon tea for two between the three of us and it was plenty. The cakes and biscuits were delicious. We were a little disappointed with the savoury sandwich choices. Cucumber sandwiches (as in just cucumber?!) and smoked salmon and cream cheese. Which would have been lovely but being pregnant I can’t have smoked salmon L. The girls also didn’t like smoked salmon so we asked if we could have this minus the salmon, which they happily obliged. I would say that at £40 for the afternoon tea it was overpriced for what we got. Although the staff were very friendly and accommodating.

Next stop after finishing another round of tea was Harrods. Lucy and I had never been to Harrods before and so we were most excited! We got there at about 1pm, We were booked in to have our nails done at the urban retreat at 3pm so we had a good 2 hours to walk around the shop. It was amazing! More like a museum than a shop. Naturally we headed straight for the food hall, WOW! The things you can buy and it is not as expensive as you would imagine. We also made sure we stopped off at the baby floor. So many cute outfits! I really can’t wait until we find out if I’m having a boy or a girl. We perused the fashion floor and it was soon time to check in for our mani’s.

Once we hit the urban retreat spa we were treated like royalty. They took our coats and took us up to the nail bar to choose colours. We were offered a complimentary drink. Laura and I had homemade lemonade which was delicious! And Lucy opted for a Mocha. We were soon called through by our therapist for our treatments to begin.

I chose to have a gel manicure. I must say that this was THE BEST manicure I have ever had! The therapist was so thorough. I am very particular about cuticles and I have been known to do my own cuticles before I go to a salon so I know that they have been done. I need not have worried. She pushed back, nipped, filed and sanded until every last bit of skin was removed from the nail plate. When applying the gel she did so right up to the cuticle. This will mean the manicure will last for many weeks. I was so pleased with the gel manicure and at £55.00 I would definitely pay that again. The whole experience was fabulous and definitely worth every penny!!

By the time we left Harrods, we were all starting to get rumbly tums! They only way to fill a hunger hole like that is burger and chips. I knew the best place to go so we headed to The Diner, Soho. It was spot on as anticipated. We started with milkshakes. I had chocolate whilst the girls had banana. Followed by a burger each and an amazing array of sides. We had onion rings, chilli cheese fries and mac and cheese. They were all divine and we ate every last scrap! No room for dessert I’m afraid.

With a very full belly, we said our goodbyes and I waddled back to Paddington. Tired but content. Happy, that I have such wonderful ladies in my life and that I am lucky enough to call them sisters!

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