Morning sickness

So today at 8 weeks and 5 days I had my first real bout of morning sickness. And let me tell you, its as horrendous as you imagine.

I had survived quite happily up to now feeling queasy all morning but managing to suppress the urge to actually be sick. Sipping a glass of water for the first half of every day. I was feeling quite pleased with myself. Maybe I would be one of the lucky few that just doesn’t get morning sickness. Alas it was not meant to be.

I was half way through my morning bowl of muesli. I have had muesli for breakfast for the last year or so and so continued to have it when I found out I was pregnant. When all of a sudden up it came, hand over mouth, I rushed to the toilet. Thankfully I got there in time! only to be greeted by the rest of my breakfast.

This lasted for a good 10 minutes. Eyes streaming… nose running. There really wasn’t any point in me spending half an hour this morning putting my make up on. One good thing I must point out is that having been sick, I no longer FEEL sick. The nauseous and queasiness has gone. Maybe today I can brave a cup of tea! decaf of course. Maybe not, I don’t want to risk another bout of sickness.

Back to the water it is. Roll on the 2nd trimester, 3 and a half weeks to go….

(P.s I wrote this ages ago but I couldn’t post due to the obligatory secret keeping! I’m now 18 weeks)

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