Bras and bumps

Last week I took the plunge (pun intended) and went maternity bra shopping.

I hadn’t really given it much thought. I just thought I’d wear my old bras until they didn’t fit anymore. I had noticed they were getting a little tighter, I was down to the last notch! My boobs were feeling heavier but I hadn’t noticed much change in size. It was only when I was telling my mummy friend that my boobies were starting to get a bit painful that she asked had a bought any maternity bras?.

‘No’ I replied, ‘I thought they were for when you were breastfeeding?!’

No, no, no, my friend, What I was thinking of was nursing bras. I need maternity bras for now until our little baby is born. Then when I am just about to give birth, or after! I need to get measured again for nursing bras (These are the ones with the little clips that undo at the top!) Well that told me… Off I went dutifully in search of maternity bras.

I enlisted my friend Abi, pregnancy bra expert! to come with me and we went to Mothercare. Any excuse to ogle at baby clothes! They are some beautiful little outfits, I can’t wait to start buying! J

There was no one around in the bra section when we visited so I asked at the tills. They were very helpful and said that someone would be over to see me shortly. A lovely lady soon introduced herself and I was quickly measured up. My normal size is a 34B so they lady fetched me some maternity bras in size 34B and 34C. The lady asked me to try one on and then then ring the buzzer to show I was ready and she would come back and check the fit. I tried on the 34C. When she came back to check the fit she said it was too small and I was spilling over the top and should try the 34D. Wow! A D!! D’s are big, I can’t imagine my little mounds being that big! Off she went to fetch the D’s (Deeee’s!)

I tried on the 34D and I must say she was right. It fit so much better. The lady said it should feel as though I had nothing on. I wouldn’t quite go that far, but it was lovely. I think it was actually better than au naturel! They were very comfy indeed, Cosy even! I bought two, one black and one white. They were £14 each. I thought this was expensive, however I am used to buying my bras for £5 from Primark so my judgement is a little skewed! I spoke to my mum and she said that £14 was a really good price compared to what she usually pays for her undergarments.

This week is the first week I have noticed a little bump. It is still very small but after 18 weeks of no show it is welcome, even if I do look like I have just had a big lunch!

Delightful aren’t they!
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