This is not the blog post I thought I’d be writing…

Yesterday was supposed to be the day of our 12 week scan. The day I had been looking forward to for weeks. The day, I thought, I’d be sharing some very happy news with you all.

Things haven’t turned out as I had planned.

It started off with some brown spotting last Saturday. This got gradually worse until I was bleeding quite heavily, like a period.

Initially I was very worried, but I did some googling and read that in some cases bleeding during pregnancy can be perfectly normal. I hoped for the best and prayed that the bleeding would soon end.It didn’t. I was still bleeding just as heavily on monday morning so I went to the doctors. The doctor advised me the only way to check everything was ok was to scan. I had my 12 week scan booked for the following friday. He encouraged me to wait until then. I hadn’t experienced any pain or any big clots at this point so I was still hopeful that the bleeding would stop and the pregnancy would continue, I agreed to wait.

Later that evening, I experienced some painful cramping and then a huge clot came away. I mean huge, like the size of my palm! You can read my immediate reaction to this here. It was not looking good.

The next day, I had resigned myself to the fact that I had had a miscarriage and to be honest I just wanted to know whether I had lost the baby or not. I phoned the doctor and asked for an earlier scan. They made an appointment for me at the emergency gynaecological  clinic the next day.

On Wednesday we went to the scan. They couldn’t see any sign of a baby at all. No heart beat, Nada. All that was recorded was a large mass which I presume was blood. The doctor arranged for a blood test to confirm a miscarriage. I had blood taken on wednesday and I returned to my doctors surgery on Friday to have another blood sample taken.

The doctors will compare the results of the two samples. If the pregnancy hormone levels have gone down that would suggest that I was pregnant and have had a miscarriage. If the hormone levels go up a little bit but not substantially this may mean I am still pregnant but that the baby is growing in the wrong place for example and ectopic pregnancy. If the hormone levels rise significantly over 50% in a day then that would suggest that I am still pregnant and everything COULD be fine. Although I’m not quite sure how that works as they sonographer couldn’t see anything.

It is now Saturday and I have just spoken to my doctor about the results of the blood test. The blood test confirmed that I was pregnant but the hormone levels show I was only 6-7 weeks pregnant. The levels have dropped by half over the last 48 hours. This confirms that I have had a miscarriage.

The doctor thinks everything will resolve itself on its own so I don’t need to have surgery or anything like that. I just need to wait 10 days and then take a pregnancy test at my local doctors surgery. This urine test should show I am no longer pregnant.
After that I guess we start baby making all over again.
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    Emily Peacock
    29th November 2015 at 1:20 PM

    Oh Sarah I am so sorry. Just reading all your recent posts and I'm in tears! Huge hugs lovely, thinking of you xxx

    • Reply
      Sarah Cantwell
      29th November 2015 at 5:08 PM

      Oh sweet heart. Thank you so much. I feel ok. I realise I've written quite matter of factly about it all. I don't know it's so far out of my control and there is nothing I can do about it. Thank you for your kind words xxx

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