Miscarriage – I think the baby just fell out of me!

It’s now Monday night. The bleeding first started on Saturday night. It started off as brown spotting but has got progressively worse. I have had period like bleeding continually for the last two days now, it’s not looking good.

I went to the doctors this morning. The only way to see if the pregnancy is still viable is to scan. He told me they could book a scan but that I might as well wait for my 12 week scan which is on Friday.
He also told me that I could take a pregnancy test to see if it still showed if I was pregnant. This is NOT something you should do. I thought it was strange I even asked the doctor if all the blood would interfere with the results but he said no. So after buying another £13 pregnancy test, My midwife has told me that it is NOT a reliable way of testing for a viable pregnancy. That positive result that gave me a little bit of hope is worthless.
I hadn’t had any pain up until this evening, but earlier today I started to have quite bad stomach cramps. I have been lying on the sofa for most of the night. About half an hour ago, after getting up from the sofa too quick (I’d forgotten to put the chicken in the oven for dinner and my husband pulled up on the drive!) I felt something fall out. I didn’t think anything of it and just presumed it was yet more blood. It was only when I went to the loo that I saw a HUGE blood clot thing. Im not sure what it was and I’ll spare you the details but it is not looking good for Baby No2.
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