Top 10 Wooden Toys

Puzzles, Board games, Shape sorters. Today I am sharing the very BEST wooden toys for kids!

There is something quite special about a wooden toy. Not only do they look beautiful but they are also kinder to the environment. Many are often handmade, you can see the care and attention that has gone into them. What I love the most is that they last and can be passed down through the family for many years to come.

Today I am sharing our favourite wooden toys, just in time for Christmas!

  1. Jaques Kids Animal Safari Wooden Shape Sorter, £16.99

What it is: An Animal Shape Sorter Wooden Toy featuring the cutest safari design. The set comes complete with 6 adorable wooden animal figures. The animals slot into the solid wooden safari truck.

Why we love it: I love how beautiful this toy is. The animals are so cute. The truck features a section of rope to pull it along meaning you get another play aspect. The lid on the safari truck features zebra stripes and is removable, making it easy  for little hands to move the animals in and out of the truck.

2. Musical Instruments, Little dutch guitar £29.95, My First Years Xylophone £26.00

What it is: This Little Dutch guitar is just like the real thing! It can be tuned like a real guitar and makes a perfect present for a music loving child. This Xylophone is fit for any mini music maker.

Why we love them: These pastel coloured instruments are will look gorgeous in any playroom. They are suitably sized for little hands to develop their motor and sensory skills as they make up new melodies of their own. They will help create an interest in music from an early age.

3. Jaques Wooden Bears Puzzle Dress up game.

What it is: This game features luxury, interchangeable, wooden bears. A dress up puzzle where you can change the bear’s outfits. It is such a fun game and allows your child to express their creativity and try out multiple combinations. 

Why we love it: This wooden mix and match puzzle provides hours of fun, but it also has numerous educational benefits. It helps with hand-eye coordination as well as fine motor skills. It allows children to express their creativity, exercise their imagination and fills them with confidence to present their ideas.

4. Woobiboo Busy Board, £176.51

What it is: A large, activity board made from wood. Essentially a super high-quality busy board, with cogs and pegs and wheels and switches and beads – and all sorts (you get to choose). 

Why we love it: It’s colourful, durable, super-high-quality and packed with so many different things to touch and move and play with that it more than lives up to its price tag.

5. Jaques Chess Set, £27.99

What it is: A folding book style chess set, with Staunton style pieces. This beautiful 15 inch folding travel chess set from Jaques offers stunning hand carved wooden Staunton chessmen and is ideal for playing on the move.

Why we love it:  This item is luxury!  With a folding walnut and sycamore chess board and baize-based, hand crafted Staunton chess pieces. This will make an ideal gift for kids and adults alike.

6. Little Dutch Race Track, £21.90

What it is: A wooden race track, you place the ramp racers one by one on top of the race track, let them go and they will race down. 

Why we love it:  Sometimes it’s the simple things, little people love a race! The pretty design and muted colours make this racetrack beautiful as well as being lots of fun. 

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7. Jaques Snakes and Ladders with Ludo, £14.99

What it is:  A reversible game board featuring snakes and ladders on one side and Ludo on the other. The Ludo game board has a jungle theme featuring 4 jungle animals.

Why we love it: This Snakes and Ladders with Ludo provides excellent value for money, with 2 games in 1. Board games for kids have multiple developmental benefits. Snakes & Ladders and Ludo both involve mathematical skills. These games help to develop counting skills and number recognition.

8. Little Dutch Market Stall, £85

What it is:  This beautiful little dutch market stall comes with everything your little one needs for hours of role play. A fabric canopy, chalk board and 4 wooden crates with 10 pieces of fruit and vegetables made of soft materials.

Why we love it: This market stall can be used in so many ways. We have given ours a make over and turned it into a flower stall. The play options are endless! It encourages all kinds of role play.

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9. Sebra Crochet pull along toy.

What it is:  A classic hand crotched Sebra Deer on wooden wheels will certainly be a big hit with the smallest when they start to walk.

Why we love it: It’s a really gorgeous gift idea for both boys and girls, it will quickly become a faithful companion. As well as encouraging little ones to walk, toddlers love to pull their best friend around with them! 

10. Kids concept wooden tool set

What it is:  A Quality tool kit. It features a solid wooden tool box with sturdy handle bar and is filled with an assortment of wooden tools, screws & bolts.

Why we love it: Kids can use this tool kit to practise those all important fine motor skills! Kids will exercise precise hand movements and hand-eye coordination to align the screwdriver in the screws and when hammering nails. Fine motor skills are crucial to performing key tasks throughout daily life including writing, using cutlery and tying shoe laces. W

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