Miscarriage – Am I losing this baby?

So tonight I’ve had some bleeding. It started off as brown discharge but now it’s red.

At first I panicked I thought I was miscarrying. I then did some googling and I read that it is perfectly normal to have a little spotting or bleeding in the early weeks of pregnancy. Am I still in the early weeks of labour?! I’m 11 weeks now although as you know I think I’m only 9 weeks. Is that still early?
I don’t know. Obviously I really really don’t want to lose this baby but I have lost worst things than this and I’d get through it.
I have always thought that if you are to lose a baby it’s for a reason. The baby isn’t healthy or there is something not quite right. That it’s probably for the best.
Right now, it doesn’t feel like the best. It feels pretty shitty.
We have our scan in a weeks time. I think if I phoned the doctor or midwife they wouldn’t be able to do anything before then. I guess I will just have to sit tight until then. Hoping that this baby stays sticky and praying that the bleeding doesn’t get any worse.
It’s going to be a long week.
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