What’s in my hospital bag?

I found these ‘What’s in my hospital bag?’ you tube videos really helpful when trying to decide what to pack in my own hospital bag. So now i’m all packed I thought I would film a video to show you what is in my hospital bags (Yes its a plural, there are three!). 

The first video goes through the contents of my labour bag. In here I have tried to pack everything I think I will need during labour.


The second video goes through the items I think I will need for my hospital stay. There are also some of the baby’s things in here as well as Iย couldn’t fit it all into her changing bag.

The third video shows what I have packed into the baby’s changing bag.

I’m not really sure what I should pack or how much of each thing I will need. I’ve gone with my instinct and I just hope I have covered everything. If there are any mummies reading that think I have missed out a valuable item or that I should pack lots more of something let me know!

Fingers crossed i’ll be using them sooner rather than later!

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