Maeve’s 3 Week Update

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This is Maeve’s 3 week update. I wanted to write weekly updates of our newborn baby girl, Maeve. They change so much in these first few weeks and they soon pass in a whirlwind of breast feeds and nappy changes. I plan to do updates weekly until she is four weeks old and then I’ll do monthly updates after that.



I last got Maeve weighed at 9 days old. She weighed 7lbs 14 1/2 oz. I know I am a terrible mother. I went religiously with Rosalie too, every single week. I don’t really have an excuse although there are some reasons for it. They closed our local children’s centre that is in walking distance and so the next closest one I would have to drive too. It is also on a Tuesday. Rosalie doesn’t go to Preschool on a Tuesday or Friday so these are the only days we can go out so we tend to go out for the day to make the most of it.


Day time

Maeve is a lot more alert and I’d probably awake about 30% of the day now. Her most awake time is in the early evening, from about 5pm till bedtime. She often wont settle in this time so I end up feeding her. She’ll pretty much cluster feed all evening but I don’t mind as she sleeps well at night.

We have recently got a new bouncy chair and Maevie really looks at the star shaped hanging toys. You can see she is focusing on them.


Night time

Maeve is still waking only twice during the night. If I feed her at around 10/11pm she’ll sleep through until about 2am. A few times I have woke around that time to find that Maeve is still asleep and so I’ve been wondering if she could probably go longer. I have been getting her out to feed her but I am thinking of leaving her if she isn’t obviously wanting more milk.  I have done this once and she slept through until 4am.

After the 2am feed Maeve will then go back down until 5am. She’ll then feed and usually go back down again although I have found that the last few days she has not settled after this feed and has just wanted to be held so I have been bring her into our bed to try and get a bit more sleep before Rosalie wakes up.



Maeve is exclusively breast feed. I have been suffering with Mastitis but thankfully after taking Ibuprofen and antibiotics it has cleared up. Feeding is going well. Maeve tends to wake up around 8am. She then seems to want to cluster feed every hour or so until lunchtime. She then seems to go a really long time until her next feed. At the moment I’m pretty much demand feeding whenever she wants it.



The Shnuggle bath arrived! We bathed her in it at my Mum’s house and Maeve was definitely alot more comfortable in it. It was also great as Rosalie could help bathe her which she loved.


postpartum recovery

The thing that surprised me the most this time round was how not painful my bits were after labour. I expected it to be the same as last time and it was so much better. I wasn’t stingy like it had been after Rosalie’s labour. I didn’t tear or have any stitches with Maeve so I wonder if that is why.


I am still bleeding but the blood isn’t red anymore although I am still using maternity pads so there is quite abit.


I lost my bump pretty much immediately although there is still some overhang there. I havn’t really been watching what I eat, in fact my diet is worse than it normally is because I keep eating chocolate in the evenings. I do possess a corset type belly band that I bought to use post pregnancy first time round but it is quite sweaty and I couldn’t face it this time round.


I have stretchmarks on one of my boobs that I had post pregnancy with Rosalie. They did fade in between pregnancies but they are now back. I havn’t been applying any oils or creams to the area but I really should start. I have very engorged breasts which can get painful. They are solid and very lumpy. I think because I have small boobs with lots of milk and because Maeve doesn’t feed for all that long, they are continually full.


We have had Maeve’s hearing test done and all was ok. She passed! Her belly button is already fully healed which I was really pleased about as Rosalie’s took ages to heal.


Rosalie still absolutely loves Maeve. Every morning she rushes into our bedroom to see her. She wants to give her cuddles and kisses all of the time. Rosalie has actually had chicken pox this week so it’s a waiting game to see if Maeve will catch them too. I hope she doesn’t, she is too little!




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    Emma @sophieellaandme
    15th June 2017 at 7:57 PM

    Lovely update, she sounds like she’s doing really well.. especially sleeping! I’m glad the mastitis has cleared up for you x

  • Reply
    Rebecca | AAUBlog
    15th June 2017 at 8:01 PM

    It is so funny the difference between your first and second isn’t it?! I went to all the baby groups and to get my eldest weighed, but never really bothered with my second haha x

  • Reply
    16th June 2017 at 8:42 AM

    She looks so much like her big sister!! So glad to hear everything is cleared up for you breastfeeding wise.

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