Taking some Mama Me Time

While I was pregnant, I kept hearing just how much my life was going to change when the baby comes. I understood that I would sleep next to none, eat very little, and generally lose notion of personal time and space. Whilst it may seem like an exaggeration, I was astonished to discover just how much of it was actually true. To be honest, motherhood had changed me and taught me how powerful the love of a mother is, but also how important it is to have some time for yourself.
Delegate your duties
While it is admirable that mums are trying so hard to always be there for their kids, it is also important for kids to be with their grandparents. Sometimes if you’re feeling like you could use some time alone with your partner you can ask grandparents if they would be willing to take the kids for the weekend or even for a sleepover. This means a quiet and empty house where your partner and you can spend some quality time together just talking about how you’ve spent your days, and not just about kids and obligations. Besides, kids will love the change and will probably be spoiled a bit (that one they’ll love as well, I bet).
Me time + cuddle time
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It is important to listen to yourself and understand your own needs. You will not always need peace and quiet to feel refreshed; sometimes all you need are giggles and cuddles to fill you with positive energy. Tickle your kids, tell them stories while they are snuggled up beside you, watch movies together wrapped up in blankets, and build pillow forts in your living room. Allow your inner child to wake up and play with your children, you might discover that they like all the same things and enjoy each other’s company.
While kids are taking a nap
When they were younger I would seize any chance I possibly got to catch some sleep. I was so sleep deprived that I would quickly forget anything and had a hard time focusing on anything. Luckily, when they got older it meant that their sleeping schedules were more organised so I could grab some alone time every day. I focus on trying to get back in shape and find some inner peace, so the natural choice was yoga. Sadly, I cannot attend yoga classes, so I chose to do online yoga instead. It was wonderful, I take most of whatever time I have and feel immensely better afterwards. Kids wake up to find smiling and calm mummy, and they like it too!
In the evening
After I put them to bed I am usually too tired to do anything big, so I clean up a bit, move their toys, and sit quietly for at least five minutes doing nothing but breathing deeply. Breathing exercises are a form of meditation, and they are a great way to relax before going to bed. I fall asleep easier than before and genuinely enjoy spending time in silence – it is a great way to balance all the noise and activity from the day.
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At first I felt guilty when I took some ‘me time’, but it has been so efficient and even therapeutic for me that next time I felt only pleasure and calmness. I was happier and way more relaxed, I felt like I was capable of handling children’s mishaps and housework with new vigor. It is important to take good care for yourself, because calm and happy parents set great example to their children.
Thank you to Zara for guest posting on the blog today and sharing her tips on how we can all get a little more me time in our lives.
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