Miscarriage No.2 – I’m pregnant!

I am so pleased to be able to tell you that I AM PREGNANT.
I found out I was expecting again on Friday 8thJanuary. I had a feeling I might be as I hadn’t had a period since my miscarriage at the end of November. I was so so pleased to see that word… Pregnant. Eeek I still can’t quite believe it.
I did another pregnancy test the following  day to see how  far along I was and the test showed 2 – 3 weeks. This would mean that I conceived this Rainbow baby a few weeks after miscarrying. I use the pregnancy plus app on my phone and I typed in the first day of my miscarriage as my last period and that plotted a due date of the 27th August. My Birthday is 5thAugust and Rosalie’s birthday is 22nd August so August is a busy month for us!
I am not sure if we are going to tell anyone yet. We haven’t even told our Families. I must say it’s quite nice having it as just mine and Nick’s little secret. Although it would be easier to just share it all now so I don’t have to have a 5 week backlog of pregnancy posts. I also think that if we were to lose this baby again I’d rather everyone know.
So that’s me. After our miscarriage I am a little more cautious this time. The possibility of a miscarriage had never even entered my mind last time round. I am going to rest up, take it easy, eat well and try not to stress myself out. If you have noticed a drop in blog posts of late that is why.
UPDATE: I had a 2nd miscarriage at approximately 4/5 weeks based on the doctors calculations. By the time I had a blood test to confirm my HCG levels, Doctors advised my hormone levels were too low to register as a pregnancy.
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