Rosalie’s 15 month update

You are 15 months old and next month it will be christmas this year has just flown by.
Weight: A lot. I struggle to hold the little picklito these days.


Daily: I work 3 days a week. Rosalie spends Mondays with my mum. We have Tuesdays at home together. On Wednesday I work until 3 pm. Rosalie is looked after by her Nick’s mum and also on a Thursday morning until 12 pm too. On Friday’s Rosalie and I are usually out visiting friends.


Rosalie wakes up at 7am. I usually don’t get her out until 7.30pm. She wakes up slowly and I can hear her chatting away to herself. I’ve found Rosalie doesn’t like to be woken up too quickly and she lets me know when she is ready to come out.We will then go downstairs. I give Rosali a beaker of cows milk and I will make myself a coffee.
Around 9am Rosalie has her breakfast. She will climb in her high chair if she wants it sooner. After that I will get Rosalie dressed and ready for the day. If we are staying in I will put Rosalie down for a nap at 10.30pm. she normally sleeps through until lunch time.
If we are at home and Rosalie seems tired I will put her down for another nap at 3.30pm if I think she needs it.


We aim to have dinner around 5.30/6pm I like to sit down and have it all together if we can. After dinner, Nick will usually bath Rosalie while I do some tidying. After her bath we will sit down and read stories until bedtime at 7pm. I have stopped giving Rosalie milk at bed time as she wasn’t really drinking it.
Playtime: We have got Rosalie a little back pack with reigns and Rosalie loves to wear it. She even asks to put it on. She loves running about on her own and doesn’t like to hold you hand. She has already had a few tantrums if she cant go in the direction she wants. I say tantrums but she just lays down and goes rigid so you can’t pick her up. My mother says she is my daughter for sure!
Books are still a firm favourite with Rosalie we read every night and if she sees a book in the day she will bring it to you and want to sit on your lap so you can read to her.


Rosalie has really taken an interest in her doll lately. She carries it around, pushes it in her pushchair and puts the dummy in and out of its mouth. She gives it cuddles and says ‘ Awwww’ She also does this with her soft toys. She wants to feed everything and if she has a spoon or any kitchen implement, or bowl she will feed her baby and soft toys with them.
Ralph (our dog) and Rosalie still play really nicely together. They play with both Ralph’s and Rosalie’s toys, nothing is safe in this house! But the actually share really well.
If music is played Rosalie will dance wherever she is. It’s so funny!



Bedtime: Rosalie has always been a good sleeper and this hasn’t changed. We have had a restless nights when Rosalie has a bad cough. She would have a little coughing fit which would wake her up. If we went and, laid her back down and settled her again she would soon drift back off to sleep.
Feeding: Rosalie eats whatever we have for dinner. Usually lunches are sandwiches, or jacket potatoes, or omelette. For dinner, she will eat chicken, potatoes, veg, lasagne, pasta etc. pretty much anything. The only thing she isn’t really keen on is fajitas.


Sizes: Rosalie is now firmly in size 12-18 months clothing. I need to do the big wardrobe swap as there is very little 9-12 stuff that she wears now. She has grown out of all her 9-12 leggings now and we recently had to purchase a few 12-18 month pairs as we didn’t have any.
She is in size 5 nappies.


Teeth – Rosalie has 2 more teeth coming through and these are the first of her molars. Rosalie has 7 teeth in total. 9 if you include the 2 back teeth that have just broken through. We have been very luckily. She has had the odd sleepless night but she hasn’t seemed to suffer with them too much.


Talking – Rosalie has learnt to say even more words. She now says ‘doggy’, ‘woof’, ‘oh no’, ‘yea’, ‘Teddy’, ‘Baby’, ‘Uh-oh’, ‘Bye-bye’, ‘Nana’, ‘nar-nar’ ‘tickle-tickle’. Obviously she says ‘dada’ and she sometimes says ‘mama. She says rather a lot now and I’m sure there is more than that but I can’t think of any more words right now.
Potty training – We have bought a potty and a few potty training books. We haven’t actually started using it yet but Rosalie has sat on it a few times. No wees or poos in it yet though.
Rosalie is such a funny little thing, she makes me laugh lots and she loves it when you laugh at her. She knows exactly what she wants and won’t rest until she has got it and woe betide you if you try and interfere with her plans. She is such a happy little girl and on the whole she is very good. Although I can tell already that she is starting to get a little cheekier. I think I am going to have my work cut out for sure!


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