Turning 27

The big 2 7. Three years away from 30.


Truthfully I’m not too bothered. Age doesn’t seem to matter anymore. Since having Rosalie I have a constant ticking time bomb. She is growing up and learning new things day by day. She’s the one doing all the hard work. Nothing changes for me, 27 is just a number.
I’m in a good place. I have achieved everything I set out to in my life. I had a life plan. Married by 25, Baby by 27. I’m a year ahead of schedule so I’m doing well.
Since Joe died, I don’t like my birthdays. Every year I age, is a year further away from him. I’m growing old and leaving him behind.
I had a good day, I spent it with my best girls >>> Mummy and Rosalie, In my favourite place >>> Ikea, doing my favourite thing >>> spending money. I was thoroughly spoilt and given such generous gifts by my family. Finished up with a lovely birthday meal with my people.
It passed easily, nicely, and now it’s done it’s time to prepare for my little pickle’s birthday celebrations.
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