Rosalie’s 51st and 52nd Week of Life & Weaning Diaries

Well that’s it. I have reached Rosalie’s 52nd week of life.
You’ll be pleased to know that I will not be continuing with these posts now Rosalie has reached a year of age. If I don’t stop now, it’ll be never ending…
51st Week of life
On Saturday, I managed to get some house work done in the morning and then Rosalie and I went to Grandma’s house for lunch.
On Sunday, Rosalie and I went shopping to Reading with Grandma and Grandpa. We had lunch at pizza hut and Rosalie had the ice cream factory which she loved.
On Monday, Mummy had to go to work so Rosalie was looked after by Grandma. They went to Gym Joey in the morning and then had playtime in the afternoon.
On Tuesday morning, I had a client in my beauty room so Daddy watched over Rosalie. In the afternoon Rosalie and I went for a walk and had a play at the park.
On Wednesday, I had to work again so Rosalie was looked after by her Nanny Tracy. They went over to see Auntie Jacquie and Rosalie had a lovely time watching their rabbit hop around the garden.
On Thursday, Rosalie and I went into Oxford for a spot of Primark shopping. In the afternoon, we went to see my friend Carly and her brand new, absolutely beautiful, baby boy Noah.
On Friday, Nick and I attended a wedding in Brighton so Rosalie spent her first night away from us. She stayed at Grandma’s house, all went well 🙂
52nd Week of life
On Saturday, Rosalie spent the morning with Grandma as she had spent the night. We picked Rosalie up at lunchtime. We had a cup of tea at Grandma’s house and then went to Nanny Tracy’s house for take away tea.
On Sunday, Nick and I worked on the garden some more whilst Rosalie napped and played.
On Monday, Grandma came over to visit us. We went to our local garden centre to buy some plants for the garden.
On Tuesday, We worked in the garden again, well Nick worked in the garden, whilst Rosalie and I played.
On Wednesday, Rosalie and I went to our local farm with Nanny Tracy and her sister, Jacquie and Rosalie’s 2nd cousin Beth. We had a nice time looking at all the animals. Rosalie had a ride on the carousel although she was not a fan. We had a nice lunch and spent the afternoon going round the maze.
On Thursday, I started to prepare for Rosalie’s birthday. I made pate and wrapped presents. Nick looked after Rosalie so I could get on.
On Friday, Grandma came over to watch Rosalie so I could clean the house before Rosalie’s birthday party. Nick did some last minute bits in the garden.
On Saturday, Rosalie turned 1!!! Yey! We had a party and ate lots of cake and Rosalie was spoilt rotten.
Rosalie is pretty much fully weaned now. I havn’t found a food she doesn’t like or won’t eat. She has three meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. She has a beaker of milk in the morning and a breast feed before bed at night. I am only going to continue to breast feed until after our holiday in a weeks time. I will then start to give Rosalie a beaker of cows milk at night time too.
This is what Rosalie has had to eat these last two weeks:::
 8th – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats
– Lunch – Spanish Omelette
– Dinner – Pizza
 9th – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats
     – Lunch – Pizza Hut
     – Dinner – Cream cheese sandwich10th – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats

     – Lunch – Mackarel pate on toast
     – Dinner – Honey and mustard chicken with rice
11th – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats
– Lunch – Ham and cheese sandwich and yogurt
– Dinner – Jacket potato with chilli12th – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats

     – Lunch – Honey on toast, raspberries
     – Dinner – Chicken kiev, sweet potato chips, peas, coleslaw, garlic bread13th – Breakfast – Blueberry wheats

     – Lunch – Cheese and ham toastie, mixed fruit pouch
     – Dinner – Fishcake, potatoes and strawberries and raspberries
14th – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats
     – Lunch – Mackarel pate on toast
     – Dinner – Roast dinner 

15th – Breakfast – Porridge
     – Lunch – Chicken mayo baguette
     – Dinner – Duck chow mein
16th – Breakfast – Blueberry wheats
     – Lunch – Cheese and ham toastie
     – Dinner – Jacket potato with chilli and cheese
17th – Breakfast – Pate on toast
     – Lunch – Ham sandwich
     – Dinner – Fishcake, jacket potatoe and broccoli
18th – Breakfast – Blueberry wheats
     – Lunch – Jacket potato with tuna mayo, raspberries and blueberries
     – Dinner – Spaghetti Bolognaise
19th – Breakfast – Blueberry wheats
– Lunch – Ham Sandwich, Jelly, Mini Cheddars, Cheese
– Dinner – Leftover Spaghetti Bolognaise20th – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats
– Lunch – Ham and cheese toastie
– Dinner – Roast Dinner

21st – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats
– Lunch – Ham and cheese toastie
– Dinner – Jacket potato with tuna mayoYou can view Rosalie’s 51st and 52nd week of life video here.

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