Rosalie’s Summer Shoe Wardrobe

I have a little bit of a baby shoe obsession. In fact, I don’t think Rosalie has ever left the house without a pair of shoes on.

When Rosalie was little I used to commission my mum and nan to knit her little booties and shoes that she could wear. With the weather warming up, no baby wants to be wearing woolly shoesies. So the hunt for the perfect summer shoes has begun.

Next, Bow ballet shoes; These are the oldest and most battered pay in Rosalie’s shoe rotation. They were perfect for when Rosalie was just learning to stand. Rosalie used to pull herself up on her tip toes. She did it so much in the end that she bent her toe nails right back. These soft little shoes were not too heavy so that she couldn’t pick up her feet but protected her tootsies a little.

Next, Coral patent shoes; I love the traditional style. The coral colour is so versatile you can get away with pairing them with pink and red outfits. One thing I will say is they seem quite narrow fitting. I would love to pair these with little white frilly socks but unfortunately Rosalie’s feet are too fat 🙁

Next, Jellies; I saw these ombre jelly sandals and fell in love! They go with everything. They will be perfect for on the beach and around the pool on our holiday as it won’t matter if they get wet.Cuquito, Pink pumps; These trainers have served Rosalie well. They are so easy to wear and I like the casual look they give her outfits. My mum picked these up when she was on holiday in Spain. They are getting a little small now so I am on the hunt for a replacement pair. Anyone know where I can get some?
You can watch a look book of Rosalie’s summer shoe collection over on my youtube channel here.
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