Ikea Wish List

Today is my birthday. I will be spending it in Ikea.

You don’t need to feel sorry for me, I’m very much looking forward to my day there. I could quite happily move in to one of Ikea’s 25m squared room sets and live a very contented life.

Not that I need an excuse to go to Ikea, free coffee on bank holidays is the only excuse I need! But there is a reason for the birthday Ikea trip. Rosalie turns one at the end of August. Nick and I, ok I, want to buy her the Ikea toy kitchen as her first birthday present, so Grandma and I are going to pick it up.

The nearest Ikea is an hour and a half away. This means I don’t get to go as often as I’d like. I pretty much have an Ikea shopping list saved to my phone at all times.

I thought I’d give you a round up of what is on my current wish list.

Play Kitchen, £65; As I said this is to be Rosalie’s first birthday present from Nick and I. Start them young right?

Shelf, £54; I’ve been keeping my eye out for a string shelf for our living room for a while. I rather like this triangular one. It’s reasonably priced too. I’d get it in all white obviously…

Lamp, £50; I have been lusting after this bad boy for a while. We have hideous lamp in our living room. When Rosalie was a newborn chilling in her bouncer the ceiling light used to shine directly in her face, so we bought a floor lamp in an emergency. Ive been stuck with it ever since.

Sheepskin, £10; You can never have to much sheepskin. We have a few of these dotted around the house and they are all looking pretty manky now. Ralph uses one as his bed which is particularly gross so I would like to replace them.

Side board, £70; I want this to be our new TV cabinet.  It’s plain, simple and will blend in nicely with our white walls. We are currently using an old coffee table as a TV stand but it isn’t great. The sky box and apple TV sit on top next to the television, within Rosalie’s easy reach. This means that she is constantly pulling the boxes down and wafting them in the air. At least, with this unit, we could tuck them away behind the doors. The doors are even lockable so the little minx definitely wouldn’t be able to get in!

Bookcase, £20; In our utility I have a rather unsightly stack of cookery books on top of the work top. It’s a pain. I can’t really use the books at the bottom of the pile as it’s difficult to get one out without the whole stack tumbling down. As I have a toddler about my ankles at all times this is a risky business. With this book case I could display all my books prettily, and they would all be easily accessible. At £20 this is a no brainer.

Cushions, £15; It’s time for a living room update! I have gone off our current cushions. I think these cushions will brighten up the place and give the sofa a little refresh. Ideally I’d like a new sofa but I think the husband may kill me if I suggest it! :-s

Do you have a continuos ikea shopping list? What’s on yours?

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