Rosalie’s 37th and 38th Week of Life & Weaning Diaries

37th Week of LifeOn Saturday mummy had to work so Daddy looked after Rosalie. In the afternoon we had a lovely lunch out with our friends to celebrate a 30th birthday.

On Sunday, Nick, Rosalie and I went to a special service in the church where we were married. In the afternoon, we went to Nanny Tracy’s as Auntie Lucy and Uncle Terry were home for the day.
On Monday, my mum and nan came over for the afternoon and I gave them both a pedicure.
On Tuesday and Wednesday, Rosalie and I stayed in because the weather wasn’t very nice. We battened down the hatches, caught up on chores, played and snuggled on the sofa.
On Thursday, we went to music group. Rosalie had a little dance and crawl around with her friends.
On Friday morning, I worked so Nanny Tracy came over and looked after Rosalie. In the afternoon, Rosalie and I went round to our friend Oliver’s house for a play.

38th Week of Life

On Saturday, we went to Nanny Tracy’s house for lunch. Daddy had to work Saturday night so Rosalie and I stayed the night at Grandma’s house so that daddy could sleep on sunday morning.

On Sunday, Rosalie and I went to church with Nanna. We came home at lunchtime so Rosalie could spend the afternoon with Daddy.
On Monday, Rosalie and I had our first swimming lesson of this term. Afterwards we went to visit my Great Uncle Brian.
On Tuesday, Rosalie and I spent the morning doing the food shopping. In the afternoon, I had an opticians appointment so we had a walk around town and a little look in the shops.
On Wednesday, I caught up on some gardening whilst Rosalie crawled around the garden.
On Thursday I had another opticians appointment in the morning. In the afternoon, I was working so daddy took Rosalie to Nanny Tracy’s.
On Friday, Rosalie and I had a lovely day with my best friend and my god daughter. We went to Burford Garden Centre for lunch and spent the afternoon playing and drinking tea.

This is what Rosalie has been eating over the last two weeks:

2nd – Breakfast – Porridge with strawberries and blueberries
    – Lunch – Sausage and butternut casserole, chips, monkfish
    – Dinner – Sweet potatoe and bolognaise, Custard and Raspberries
3rd – Breakfast – Porridge with raspberries
    – Lunch – Roast dinner, avocado
    – Dinner – Lasagna, Broccoli, sweet potatoe chips, Apple crumble
4th – Breakfast – Porridge with blueberries and strawberries
    – Lunch – Crackers with cheese, sausage and butternut casserole, grapes, carrot sticks
    – Dinner – Pasta, Vegetables and Chicken
5th – Breakfast – Porridge with Banana
    – Lunch – Jacket potatoe with tuna, pear, yogurt
    – Dinner – Chicken, sweet potato
6th – Breakfast – Porridge with Pear puree
    – Lunch – Fishcake sandwich, yogurt
    – Dinner – Jacket potatoe with chilli and cheese, pear purée
7th – Breakfast – Porridge with grapes
    – Lunch – Cream cheese on toast, cheese, Apple
    – Dinner – Sausage and Kale casserole8th – Breakfast – Porridge with banana
– Lunch – Cream cheese sandwich and banana

    – Dinner – Enchiladas and yogurt


9th – Breakfast – Banana Pancakes
    – Lunch – Quinoa, panini
    – Dinner – Sausage and Kale Casserole
10th – Breakfast – Porridge with Apple puree
     – Lunch – Mackerel Pate sandwich, mini cheddars, Apple cake
     – Dinner – Chicken, sweet potatoe and spinach
11th – Breakfast – Porridge with pineapple
     – Lunch – Shepherds pie, broccoli, carrots and cauliflower
     – Dinner – Chicken fajitas
12th – Breakfast – Porridge with apple and pear purée
     – Lunch – Pancakes with raspberries
     – Dinner – Beef stir fry, pear and apple purée with custard
13th – Breakfast – Porridge with Apple purée
     – Lunch – Sausage and kale casserole, chips, yogurt
     – Dinner – Tomato and Quinoa, Custard with pear and rhubarb, Raspberries and Grapes
14th – Breakfast – Porridge with pineapple
     – Lunch – Sardines on toast, yogurt
     – Dinner – Sausage and Kale Casserole
15th – Breakfast – Porridge with Pear purée
     – Lunch – Sausage and Kale Casserole, quinoa salad, Pearl Barley salad, falefel, Salmon and crab pate
     – Dinner – Quinoa, Burger, Sweet potatoe chips, broccoli, Treacle Tart
Rosalie is pretty much fully weaned now. Most days, she has the same portions as me, I am surprised every time she eats it all, but eat it all she does! I have bought her a plastic plate from the 99p shop (side plate size) and usually her meals cover the plate.
Rosalie is still having 4 breast feeds a day. 1 when she gets up, 1 mid morning, 1 mid afternoon and 1 before bed.You can view Rosalie’s 37th and 38th Week of Life video here.

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