I have been on the hunt for some new dog food for a while, with a fussy dog this is not easy. Ralph eats very little and only eats when he feels like it, because of this his food stays out all day. I¬†have an inquisitive 8 month old resulting in a few near misses with the dog food. On one occasion I have even had to fish bits of food out of Rosalie’s mouth ūüėģ NOT COOL!


We were feeding Ralph Baker’s meaty chunks. Before that we used to feed him Baker’s complete. Once Ralph had eaten the meaty chunks out of the bakers complete food he would rather starve than eat the veggies. This meant I ended up throwing¬†a lot of dog food away. The result, we just fed him meaty chunks. The vet was not impressed, he said it was just like a human eating mars bars every day. We tried lots of other food, wet and dry, but still kept coming back to the baker’s meaty chunks. Those were the bits he liked, he ate them and all was well… for the most part.
Then Rosalie came along. She is crawling every¬†where at the moment and her favourite place to hang out is by the dog bowls. It’s the perfect stop off on route from the living room to the kitchen. She can have a splash in the water bowl, a little snack… I jest. But seriously she is drawn to the dog food bowls. She always seems to have her hands in the bowl before I realise what she is doing. The Meaty chunks are kind of oily and spongy in texture. This meant she could easily squish them up and make a right mess in a matter of seconds.


It was a constant battle. That was until came to the rescue when they sent us a few products to review.
The first item they sent us was the Huntland Scottish Loch Salmon with River Trout and Sweet Potato adult dog food. The dog food is made with all freshly prepared and natural ingredients. The dog food is grain free. It contains 50% Fish, 50% veg, fruit and botanicals and contains 0% grain and cereals.
Remarkably my little fuss pot liked it. He still doesn’t eat much mind but i think thats just him.
As Nick and I try to eat a fairly clean diet I liked the idea that’s Ralph’s diet would be clean too.
The little pellets are a lot harder in texture. Kind of biscuit like. Ralph really has to crunch them up. This is good as it means if Rosalie does manage to get her hands on a pebble of food she can’t do much with it, they stay whole so I can quickly and easily take it off her.
The second item we were sent unfortunately didn’t go down so well. We were sent the James Wellbeloved Turkey and rice wet dog food.
We haven’t given Ralph wet dog food for a very long time, because Ralph is so fussy and only eats now and then, we leave his food out all day so he can graze. By the end of the day the wet food would be warm, and would start to smell, not nice!
This time round we had the added worry of my little explorer getting in to it. I was extra vigilant with the wet dog food and Thank god she never got in there. Can you imagine a baby covered in dog food?! Hideous, it’s giving me shudders just thinking about it.
The last thing Ralphy got to try was a pack of treats, Bakers mini bones in tasty chicken flavour. Ralph really likes these and gobbles them up straight away. This is rare for him as he usually likes to take his treats off somewhere and stash them for later. A sure sign that he can’t resist them!
We really enjoyed trying all these new dog foods and I’m so pleased we did. I would never have purchased the Huntlands dog food on my own as It is a brand hadn’t heard of before. I’m so glad we tried this food as we now feed it to Ralph every day. He likes it, ¬†It’s consistency is so much more practical with a little one on the loose, and I know Ralph is getting a healthy well balanced diet. At least if Rosalie does eat this food I know ¬†she is eating good stuff, only fish and vegetables! ūüôā (I joke!)
You can meet Ralph and watch a video of our review over on my YouTube channel here.
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