Weaning – The Equipment

When looking at the baby feeding aisle of the supermarket there is so much stuff you can buy for weaning babies. Stick on bowls, special cups and don’t get me started on the weird and wonderful array of spoons. It’s all so expensive too!

I thought I’d tell you about what I use with Rosalie. You don’t need to spend a lot. Most of Rosalie’s weaning tools are from the 99p shop, I have tried items from other shops but they just aren’t as good. They are a damn site more expensive too! Why spend more when you don’t need too?!


These spoons are amazing. They were called baby’s first spoons and I bought them in the 99p shop. They are like little shovels.It means I can quickly and easily poke the food into Rosalie’s mouth and whip the spoon away before Rosie realises there is a potential play thing being wafted around in front of her face. They are also a tad longer than normal spoons. You can see them next to other spoons for comparison above. Rosalie likes to hold on to the spoon. I let her hold the middle but still keep hold of the end of the spoon so I can direct it into her mouth. Rosalie is happy, she thinks she is feeding herself but we don’t get food everywhere because i’m still in control of the spoon so mummy’s happy too!


These were a pack of three feeding bowls from the 99p shop. They come with a little lip for holding on to which is very handy. A lot of weaning bowls are this shape but these were only 99p and I can’t fault them.

Sippy Cup

This mini mouse sippy cup was again from the 99p shop. I told you they were good! I really like this as it has a screw top and so the lid is very easy to get on and off (Unlike the Tommy tippee sippy cup we also have). It has two handles so Rosalie can hold each side, lift up the cup and drink from it herself. She is so pleased with herself when she does it. It’s very cute! I use this sippy cup at every meal time we have at home.
I use the Tommy tippee sippy cup if we are going out as the spout folds down to prevent leakage so I can put the sippy cup in the changing bag without any worries. The lid is a devil to get on and off though and I often end up covered in water. Thumbs down for tommy tippee.
Freezer trays
I make all my own purées. If your doing the same you will need a freezer tray so you can make your purees in bulk and freeze them for use later on.
This freezer tray is from the 99p shop. I bought this last year and I have kept my eye out for another one as I would like a replacement in case this one ever breaks but I am yet to find one. It’s really good as it’s bigger than the standard ice cube trays. Each half moon was the perfect portion size for Rosalie when we first started weaning. Now she usually has two half moons. I worked out that each half moon holds about two tablespoons.
Although Rosalie eats most things now and I tend to just give her whatever I am eating. I still make fruit purees or freeze portions of mashed veg as they are great for lunch on the go, there is less mess! I always know if I am running late for dinner or if we decide to eat later on that there is a nutritious dinner in the freezer for Rosalie. I also add the fruit purees to yogurt as her dessert or put them on her porridge at breakfast time.

I use these little pots all the time. They were also from the 99p shop. I use them to microwave Rosalie’s frozen food in. The half moons fit inside perfectly and it takes only 1 minute to defrost and heat up her food.I also use these to transport her lunch in if we are out and about. Two half moons fit snuggly in each little pot side by side. If I take out the frozen food cubes the night before and but them in the pots in the fridge over night they will be defrosted by morning and just need warming up at lunch time. Although Rosalie will eat it at room temperature too.


These are another brilliant find. They are from Aldi. I am so pleased I discovered these. I have about 10 but would happily acquire more. These bibs cover Rosalie’s arms and front completely meaning that however messy she gets her clothes underneath stay clean. Previously she was getting through a number of outfit changes a day.


This is not a necessary purchase by all means. I really wanted it because it was pretty. It’s from Cath Kidston but they don’t stock the spray flowers design anymore . You can get this rather lovely ballerina version instead. If you fell in love with the spray flowers tray like me you might be able to track one down on ebay.I like using this as I can separate all Rosalie’s different lunch bits. She mushes them all together as soon as I put the tray down in front of her though so it is pretty pointless. I think this will come into its own more as Rosalie gets older.

Travel feeding bowls

These little travel feeding bowls are from the 99p shop, again. They come with lids so you can store the food in the bowl and then use it to feed. I don’t use these that often as I tend to just feed Rosalie from the little round pots shown above if we are out. I prefer those as they are smaller and take up less room. These bowls are good for storing crackers or bigger items that you may be taking out or for when you are packing up a lunch for your little one.



Lunch bag
Another unnecessary purchase but I couldn’t resist it! The lunch bag is by . I’ve only used this once so far when Rosalie went to her Nanny Tracy’s for a couple of hours over lunchtime and I wanted to pack up some lunch bits for her. When I go back to work and Grandma and Nanny are looking after Rosalie I will be using this more as I will have to make Rosalie a packed lunch.
Other bits

Snack Feeding bowl – I think this is a good idea in principle. You put crisps and snacks into the bowl. Your little one can get their hand in but if they drop the bowl on the floor the snacks won’t come out. We haven’t used it yet as Rosalie is not old enough. This was from the 99p shop again so for that price I thought it was worth a try even if it does turn out to be completely useless.

More little pots – Again from the 99p shop. I haven’t used these yet but I thought they would be good for when Rosalie is a bit older for storing raisins etc in. they will also be useful when I start to make Rosalie’s lunches as I can put dips like cream cheese or hummus in the little pots for her.
I hope you find this useful and that it goes to show that you don’t need to spend a fortune on equipment to help you wean your baby. If you have any questions just ask in the comments below. Happy Weaning!
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