Rosalie’s 27th Week of Life & Weaning Diaries

On Saturday we went round to see Nick’s Mum. We had a nice relaxing evening with takeaway. Mmm!


On Sunday, Rosalie and I drove into the city to meet my best friend for his birthday brunch. He had been out celebrating the night before and was a little worse for wear. In the afternoon, we went to visit our friends, Auntie Carly and Uncle Mike.
On Monday my mum came over to see Rosalie and I as usual. It was raining so we spent the day at home. We had cuddles and caught up on Stella ๐Ÿ™‚
On Tuesday I took Rosalie to be weighed. She weighed 17lbs 6oz.

On Wednesday, Rosie and I went to meet the birthday boy as it was his actual birthday. We had a celebratory hot chocolate and too much cake!

On Thursday, Rosalie and I stayed in, I caught up on chores and did some blogging whilst daddy played with Rosie in the afternoon.
On Friday, We all went to visit my god daughter and her mummy and daddy, Auntie Abi and Uncle Kenny. The babies played while the mummy’s and daddy’s chatted. Rosalie had her first ever go on a swing! It was a lovely end to the week.
What Rosalie had to eat this week:

21st – Breakfast – Porridge and pear
– Lunch – Cucumber sticks, Carrott sticks, Cream cheese, Banana sticks

ย  ย  ย – Dinner – Butternut squash and apple puree
22nd – Breakfast – Porridge and apple
ย  ย  ย – Lunch – Biscuit
ย  ย  ย – Dinner – Broccoli and carrot Puree and Pear Puree
23rd – Breakfast – Porridge and apple
– Lunch – Cucumber sticks, Carrott sticks, Cream cheese, Breadstick
ย  ย  ย – Dinner – butternut squash, chilli con carne, Pear Puree
24th – Breakfast – Porridge and pear
ย  ย  ย – Lunch – Carrot sticks, Cream cheese, Crackers
– Dinner – Carrot and broccoli puree, custard
25th – Breakfast – porridge
ย  ย  ย – Lunch – ย None
ย  ย  ย – Dinner – Burger, pepper, butternut squash26th – Breakfast – Porridge and apple

ย  ย  ย – Lunch – Carrots, Jacketย potatoย with Tuna
ย  ย  ย – Dinner – crackers, cheese, butternut squash, Apple, biscuit
27th – Breakfast – Porridge and apple
ย  ย  ย – Lunch – carrot, cucumber sticks, philadelphia, crackers
ย  ย  ย – Dinner – Carrot and broccoli puree, Apple puree, Banana sticksYou can view Rosalie’s 27th Week of life video here.

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