The Meat Run

We eat a lot of meat in this house. My husband would quite happily consume a whole pack of lamb chops for his dinner every night and that’s it, no veg, no potato just MEAT! In fact, he used to do this regularly when he still lived at home. I don’t allow him to now! Ha ha.

He is also a meat snob, the boy won’t eat anything less than tescos finest, and woe betide me if I dare serve him wafer thin ham in his lunches.

He likes good quality meat and lots of it, which can be expensive. So to make it abit easier on our wallet we go to the butchers cash and carry in the city and we buy in bulk. It’s not only cheaper to buy this way but the meat is much better quality that what you buy in the supermarket. The chicken breasts are bigger, the steak less fatty. I have tried buying meat from our local butcher in the next village as it would be more convenient if we could buy our meat from there but even their meat doesn’t compare.
This week our freezer was bare, so we headed out to do the meat run. I’ve filmed a little video to show you what we bought.
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