Grocery Haul & Meal Plan – 29th March 2015

What’s cooking this week?

I’ve not been very creative with the meal plan this week. We will be having the sausage and kale casserole again for then second time because it’s so tasty. I don’t follow the recipe exactly, I take out the coconut milk as it’s not something we ever buy and just add more stock accordingly. I like it because it’s easily reheated. Nick trains late on a Thursday so doesn’t eat with Rosalie and I but he can easily warm a bowl of this in the microwave when he gets in.
I have been making my own bread the last couple of weeks. I’ve tried a few recipes but I found that this one was my favourite. This week I’m going to make a seeded loaf. I can’t find a specific recipe I like so I’m just going to tweak the above recipe and see how we get on. I feel so homely making our own bread. It’s yummy too!
You can see what we’ll be eating this week by watching my grocery haul and meal plan video here. Our total shop this week came to £52.24.
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