Rosalie’s Easter Basket

I wasn’t sure whether to do anything for Easter this year as Rosalie is only 7 months old and won’t really know what is going on. In the end, I decided I would do her up an Easter basket. I love doing things crafty bits like this. I want to carry on these traditions for the rest of Rosalie’s life so I might as well start as I mean to go on. As Rosalie can’t have any chocolate, I may give her a slither! I kept the chocolate to a minimum and tried to think of other Easter themed gifts for her. So here they are:

Lester the Lamb
Lester is from Sainsburys. He was £7. Despite nearly being as big as Rosalie I keep finding her cuddling him. I can see why, He is very soft and snuggly.
Betty the Bunny
This bunny was named by yours truely. Betty was from Next and she was £10. Rosalie has a few Rabbit toys that she was given at birth and they all sit around the edge of her cot. Now Rosalie is crawling she often wakes up and starts to play with her soft toys in the cot. She doesn’t have one like this so I thought this lovely grey bunny would be a nice addition to her collection.Harry Hoppalot Egg
This Thorntons egg was £3 from Sainsburys. I thought I’d get a Thorntons egg for Rosalie as I thought it would have less additional ingredients than cheaper brands of chocolate. She’ll only be having a tiny bit anyway.

Bunny Towel
The rabbit towel was from Asda and was £7. Not only does Rosalie look super cute wrapped up in it, It’s also really big so will be great for use on the beach when we are on holiday later this year.

I bought Rosalie a set of three floral bunny sleep suits from next. These were £16. You can never have enough sleep suits. One sleep suit has rabbits on and the other two are floral. Flowers as you know are my favourite pattern and the bunny one will be perfect for Easter morning.

I bought Rosalie the Peter Rabbit ‘My first little library books’ from Amazon and they were £4.79. Rosalie isn’t talking yet but these will be great for when she does starting saying a few words.

Bag of chocolate
These rabbit and chick chocolates were from the 99p shop. I think I’ll be eating these 🙂

I hope you enjoyed seeing what’s inside Rosalie’s Easter basket and it gives you some ideas if your planning an easter basket for your little one.


Happy Easter from us!
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