Rosalie’s Two Month Update

Rosalie turned 2 months old on 22nd October 2014. So yes I am abit late to the party with this update but the last few weeks have flown by. I don’t seem to be able to find a minute to sit down and type up all the whirling thoughts in my head.

Rosalie is so much more with it now. She is awake a lot more, and some days hardly naps at all which has meant my blogging has suffered!


Weight: Rosalie was last weighed on 14th October 2014 when she was 8 weeks 4 days she weighed a whopping 12lb 9oz. This is amazing since she is purely breast fed. On her growth chart her growth is in the middle of the 75th and 91st percentile. :-s Little piglet!

Daily: We don’t have a strict day to day routine. I tend to just feed Rosalie when she is hungry and boy does she let us know when she is hungry!!
The days when we are at home we have fallen into a kind of routine. Rosalie is sleeping through the night and has been for a while. In the early days she woke up twice in the night around 1/2am and 4/5am. She then started to wake up only once at about 4/5am and now most days she sleeps right through till about 6am/7am. I then wake up, feed her in bed and put her back down in her crib. She will normally then sleep through till about 10am/11am. If we have something planned we do get up earlier. I then feed her when she wakes at 10/11am, change her bum, and then get Rosalie dressed for the day. We then have some playtime and then sometimes she has a little nap in her chair (This has not been happening lately!)
She normally has another feed about 2pm or 3pm. I try and do my house work in between feeds, cuddles, playtime and naps. She feeds again at around 6/7pm and then we start her night time feed at around 9.30pm. This normally takes around 45 minutes so she is normally in bed by 10.30pm.
This all changes when we are out and about but Rosalie does tend to feed around the same times. She just feeds abit earlier or later depending on what we are doing and on how much earlier we get up.
Playtime: Rosalie has just started to smile and interact with us more. Before you could wave toys in front of her but she wasn’t really interested. We recently bought her a play gym and jumperoo for her to play with.
Rosalie's 2 month Update - See how my 2 month old is developing - baby, parenting, development
Rosalie in  the jumperoo
Rosie is still too small for the jumperoo really as she can’t bounce in it yet but we wanted to get it early so she could get the most use out of it. The Jumperoo has a short life span! Rosalie is still quite happy in there looking at all the bright colours and making lots of noise.
Rosalie's 2 month Update - See how my 2 month old is developing - baby, parenting, development
Rosalie’s Play Gym

The play gym is really good and Rosalie enjoys playing on it. She can hit all the little hanging toys now and has worked out which ones make noise. She also likes look at her pretty face in the mirror 🙂

Bedtime: Rosalie tends to stay up till about 9.30pm/10pm until we go to bed so doesn’t have much of a bedtime routine. At the moment I get ready for bed, clean my teeth and take my make up of etc whilst Nick changes Rosalie’s bum and puts her in her sleep suit. She then has daddy cuddle’s on the bed for a few minutes until I am ready and we start her bedtime feed. We do this with just the lamp on so she knows its bedtime.
I normally feed her on one side and then swaddle her in between and then feed her again on the other side once she is all wrapped up. We have swaddled Rosalie since she was born as she has always been a wriggler and would then wake herself up in the night with her wayward arms. We swaddle her in between feeds as we found the act of swaddling can sometimes wake her up. Once she has finished feeding I wind her a little bit (whilst trying not to wake her up too much!) and then put her down in her crib. I usually put on Ewan the sleep to help her drift off. She doesn’t normally need her dummy but if she is particularly awake I will give her a dummy. This normally falls out after 10 minutes once she has fallen asleep.
We plan to start to put Rosalie down earlier at around 7.30pm and have tried to do this a few times this week. To help her go to sleep earlier we have started a bed time routine of bath, story, feed and then bed. When we have tried this it has meant that Rosalie has woken up earlier at around 5am so its still a works in progress! We can’t always but her down at 7.30pm if we have things on which is what has happened this week. Hopefully next week we can try again with this routine. When she did go down earlier it was nice to have an evening to ourselves.
Rosalie's 2 month Update - See how my 2 month old is developing - baby, parenting, development
Rosalie at 7 weeks old

Feeding: Rosalie has been breast fed from birth. Up until she turned 8 weeks I would regimentally feed her on one side, say the left side first, until she came off, I would then wind her and put her back on the same breast until she came off again. I would then wind again and put her on the right breast until she came off. I would take it in turns which breast I fed with first so on the next feed I would feed with the right breast first. This whole process would take about 45 minutes.

I am now less strict. Rosalie takes herself off the breast when she has had enough now. So if she won’t go back on the first breast again I won’t force her, I just offer her the other one. Which she normally takes but if she doesn’t, I don’t really worry about it. I just make sure I fed her whichever one she hasn’t had first on the next feed. Her feeds have started to get shorter lately with a few taking only 30 minutes. At the moment Rosalie has 5 feeds a day with around 4 hours between each feed but this does vary. If she wants more I feed her and some some days she will have six feeds.

I have a lot of milk. As Rosalie sleeps through I often wake up in the middle of the night with huge, painful boobs, which often leak (TMI, sorry!). I was pump expressing in the middle of the night but I would pump around 150ml (5 Oz) in about 5 minutes. I felt like it was just encouraging my body to produce more milk which I didn’t want. It was ridiculous. My baby was sleeping through but I was still having to get up to express as my boobs were so sore! I started to hand express on the advice of the health visitor and have now found that I don’t need to express every night which is good. I still have the problem that my boobs are so full before the first feed that I have to hand express so that Rosalie can latch on properly. Hopefully soon I will be able to go through the night without expressing it all.

Rosalie's 2 month Update - See how my 2 month old is developing - baby, parenting, development
Rosalie at 8 weeks old

Sizes: Rosalie is big for her age. Despite that I foolishly kept putting her in Newborn and first baby sleep suits until she was about 6 weeks old as it said up to 10lb on the label. I now have rather a lot of 0-3 month clothes that fit her perfectly but that she hasn’t had a chance to wear yet. I am now on a mad rush to try and get her to wear every 0-3 month item of clothing in her wardrobe before she grows out of it. I think I have enough clothes for her to wear a different outfit every day for the next month!

She is in size 3 nappies.


  • Smiling – Rosalie smiled for the first time on Sunday 5th October at 6 weeks and 2 days. She is now smiling pretty regularly and even smiles back at you when you smile at her
  • Holding her head up – Rosalie held her head up for the first time at 8 days old. She is freakishly strong. She now can lift it up fully for about 10 minutes
  • Making sounds – She coos and gurgles now. She has only started to do this recently.
  • Watching – She follows noises and movements and looks at you when you talk to her.
  • Hitting – She can hit the dangly toys on her play gym and likes to do this so it makes a noise.
  • Standing up – She can put weight on her legs and stands when your holding her. The little madam goes rigid and refuses to sit down!

Rosalie is doing so well and we really couldn’t be happier. Nick and I are excited to see what Rosalie will learn to do next month.


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