Rosalie’s Eighth Week of Life

I’ve have got a bit behind with Rosalie’s weekly videos so there are two this week, sorry about that!

This week (well technically two weeks ago, but you know what I mean…) Rosalie and I had a pretty chilled out week. On Monday we went and opened up a bank account and bought a tumble dryer. Oh the life we lead!
Tuesday, we went to a local baby group. Rosalie enjoyed singing nursery rhymes. At least I think she did, she didn’t cry through them like she did last week anyway.
We had a visit from the health visitor on Wednesday, Rosalie is doing really well. Her red face has nearly all gone. She is still being sick but we have the cream now so we can use it if it starts to come back again. Hopefully it won’t get so bad.
For the rest of the week we stayed in and played. I tried to do some housework if Rosalie napped.
Here is a video of Rosie’s eighth week of life.


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