Baby Shower Invites


In a few weeks my friends will be throwing me a baby shower.
In 4 weeks to be exact. They are taking care of everything so I don’t have to
worry about a thing, except you know, getting the venue ready :-s I hope to
host it at home, but as the kitchen has only just been delivered we are on a
tight deadline!


The girls have been very strict and are keeping all their
plans tight lipped, so I know nothing! They all know me very well though so I
am sure it will be perfect.


I did insist on handling one job. The sending out of the
invites. Mainly so that they had one less thing to worry about. I feel very bad
about putting all this on them!  But also
because they won’t know who to invite or everyone’s addresses. I just thought it would be easier if I sent them as I wanted to send
as many invites as I could through the post. There is something lovely about
getting a letter you’re not expecting through your letterbox.
So the first thing I did was scour Pinterest for
inspiration. Once I had found the design I wanted. I then set about modifying
it with all my information.
To do this I inserted the picture into word document and
then drew a text box over the existing information. I then typed in what I
wanted my invitation to say.


And here we are!
The finished article


I then printed off the invites four to a page and chopped them
up. I made labels for each of my envelopes with my guests addresses on so it
would look neater. I added the stamps and entrusted them to royal mail. I just hope
all of my guests received them!
Ready for delivery!
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