Desk Chair Makeover

Make over Number 3.

I decided to renovate a desk chair for the new study area in
the guest bedroom. I had been searching on ebay for old chairs that were local
to me. I bought this one for £7 and I only had to pick it up from oxford which
is about 7 miles away.


Above is what it looked like before. I gave it a good clean
and dusted all the cobwebs off, then set about painting it. I did two coats of
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old white. I then waxed and buffed it.
Chair – Before
Chair – After paint
I then set about covering the seat pad. The old seat pad was
in quite good condition so I didn’t need any extra padding. I turned the seat
pad upside down and layed it out on the fabric to use as a template. I just
roughly cut out the fabric leaving enough fabric round the edge to ensure I had
enough excess to staple. I was so in the reupholstering zone that I forgot to
take pictures of any of this seat pad stage!
I then started to staple the fabric to the seat. I just
stapled over the existing seat fabric. I started off in the middle of each side
and worked my way out making sure that I pulled the fabric taut each time I
stapled. I left the corners until I had stapled two adjacent sides.


I then set about neatening up the corners. I cut off any
excess material so the folds would be neater. I then folded the corners in  the neatest way possible. I don’t think it
really matters how you fold as long as you only have one fold. It was a bit
like wrapping a present. I then stapled each corner lots to keep it secure.


Once I had done all the sides and corners I used scissors to
cut away any excess fabric. If I was doing this as a gift I would cover the
staples and fabric edges with ribbon so you would have a nice neat edge
underneath but because this chair is just for me I didn’t bother. I may do this
in future when I find all my fabric supplies but as they are all up in the loft
at the moment I couldn’t be bothered.
So here it is!


Chair – After


Finished chair!


Only one problem…. I didn’t measure the chair before I
decided to do this and when Nick put the chair into its final position… it
doesn’t fit under the desk. EPIC FAIL!!



(I think I’ll leave the makeovers for the time being, I’m
clearly not in the right frame of mind!)


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