Sunday, 22 May 2016

Toddler Girls Holiday Wardrobe

If you are a regular reader or you follow me on instagram you will know that I am currently away on a family cruise holiday.

It’s our first family holiday, just the three of us and I am really excited. Rosalie’s holiday wardrobe has been laid out on our guest bed in preparation for many weeks.

This girl has ALOT of clothes. I actually found it really hard to narrow it down to 14 day outfits and 14 evening outfits. All of Rosalie’s outfit’s are so lovely.

It’s the shoes. I just can’t resist chubby toddler toes poking out of cute little sandals!

I have made a couple of What's in my suitcase videos over on my Youtube channel. There is a Toddler Holiday Wardrobe|DAY video and a Toddler Holiday Wardrobe|NIGHT video, where you can see what I packed for Rosalie during our cruise holiday.

Which outfit is your favourite? Will you be picking up any of these things for your little one?

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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Co-Sleeping #MUMTALK

Co-Sleeping #MUMTALK - Roseyhome - Take a look at this mother and daughter chat on co-sleeping - co sleeping, sleep training, bed sharing, attachment parenting, newborn, infant, baby, breast feeding

My mum is my go to for EVERYTHING. She is my best friend and I couldn’t live without her. She keeps me going. She also happens to think she is very wise. She is very wise. I trust her judgement on anything. She is very fair. Nick often asks my mum’s opinion on things when we are arguing as she sees things from both sides. He also knows I listen to her. She is like our personal Judge Rinder, maybe a little less sassy.

Anyway I digress… I thought I would introduce you to my mum. This is Sharon.

We filmed a video together to talk about Co-Sleeping. Our experiences are very different.

I didn’t really co-sleep with Rosalie at all. She just doesn’t like it. When she was teeny tiny Rosalie slept in a swinging cot next to our bed. In the night I used to breastfeed her in bed and we would both fall asleep. I would then wake up and put her back in her crib.

We moved her to her big cot at around 4 months old. I used to give Rosalie her last feed at 10pm before we went to bed and then she would sleep through till about 5am. Nick was working shifts at the time and we found that when he came to bed in the middle of the night it would disturb Rosalie so we decided to move her into her own room.

Of course, there were the odd times that Rosalie would wake in the night but for the most part she slept through. On those occasions I would rock Rosie back to sleep (before we did the sleep training!) or bring her in with me. She would never settle in with us, she might fall asleep for the odd half an hour but that would be it.

Rosalie is 20 months old now and she sleeps in her cot in her own room. Sometimes she will wake up in the night but if I go in and lay her back down and give her a dummy she will drift back off to sleep. On weekend mornings, Rosalie will come into bed with us but she doesn't go back to sleep. She will usually watch Peppa Pig on daddy’s phone whilst we try to eek out an extra half an hour in bed. After that Rosalie is up and starts menacing us until we join her!

My mum did co-sleep with me. I was a demanding child by all accounts and I wouldn’t sleep at all unless my mum was with me. If I woke up and my mum wasn’t there, all hell would break loose! In the end, after trying everything, I slept in bed with my mum so we could both get some sleep. We co slept until I was 3 years old.

I think like most things in motherhood you have to go with what is right for both mum and baby. Your baby will take the lead and show you what they want and need. If co-sleeping with Rosalie comforted her and allowed her to sleep I would have done it. It just doesn’t, she likes to have her own space.

My mum did co-sleep with me and I didn’t co-sleep with Rosalie. Both Rosalie and I have turned out wonderfully :) so just do what works for you!

I hope you enjoyed our video together. Mum was a little shell shocked but I am sure we can train her up. I’d like to do more #MUMTALK Chats with her. If you would like to see more of my mama then leave a comment below. I might be able to bully her into filming some more!


Friday, 6 May 2016

Cruise Itinerary

In the two weeks’ time we will be setting sail from Southampton in search of some Mediterranean sun. We will be cruising for 14 days in total and docking at 7 different places.

I have put together an itinerary of what we plan to do on our cruise holiday. Our cruising days will be pretty relaxed. We plan to explore the boat, take Rosalie to soft play and activity classes and play in the splash pool. Those day’s will be all about our little girl. Our port days will be jam packed, we want to see as much of each place as possible as well as keeping our toddler happy. It's a tall order! Here’s what we plan to do in each place:

Gibraltar – Shopping! You all know how I love to shop and what could be better than tax free shopping. We have been to Gibraltar before and you can get some real savings, especially on designer items. I haven’t been to the high street before so I am looking forward to taking full advantage of it. Raybans and Nike Roshe Runs please…

Barcelona – This will be our one and only trip that is being run by royal carribbean. I really like the idea of riding around Barcelona on a push bike. What better way to see the city? The tour providers will supply bike seats and helmets for little ones too and I think Rosalie is going to love it!

Nice – Nick has been too Nice before but I haven’t. From what he remembers he said it is really lovely. We plan to have a mooch around the harbour and then explore the town by ourselves on this day. I am sure we will be stopping off for ice cream and a visit to the park.

Rome – Our big day and the one we are most excited about! I cannot wait to see the colosseum and the Trevi fountain. We had planned to do the Vatican as well but I think this is a little optimistic with a toddler in tow so we have decided against it. I just hope the weather isn’t too hot and Rosalie stays happy. We have a carrier  for Rosalie which should make sightseeing with her a little easier. We will definitely be stopping off for pizza and gelato.

Valencia – The Oceanographic park in Valencia is one of the largest in the world. Rosalie loves all animals so I hope this is something she will really enjoy. If she sees a fish on the tv she gets very excited, runs up to the television shouting ‘FISH! FISH!’ I wonder what she’ll be like when she sees them for real!

Malaga – We have been to Malaga airport many, many times when travelling to the Costa Del Sol. We plan to spend our day in Malaga at the beach. Rosalie was a tiny baby when we last took her to the beach, she couldn’t even walk so it will be lovely to enjoy a day at the beach with her now she is able to do more.

Seville – This is our last day off of the boat and so we have decided to have a relaxed day exploring the city together. I hoping we can sample some delicious tapas too!

That’s how we plan to spend our on shore days whilst cruising the Mediterranean. Nothing too taxing we want this to be a relaxing holiday after all. Relaxing... Is that even possible with a 20 month old?

Have you been to these cities? Are there any places that we must see? I’d love to know if you have any recommendations.

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