Friday, 26 August 2016

Rosalie's 24 Month/2 Year Update

Rosalie’s Last ever monthly update. I have decided to stop doing monthly updates now as not much changes month to month these days. I will instead do them every year.

My goodness. I really don’t have a baby anymore but an adventurous, little girl, or 'big' girl as she likes to be know. Rosalie is forever telling me she is NOT a baby. I’m not sure how I feel about it. A little sad, but mostly excited. She is ready for this, to grow up, to learn to do more things. She loves climbing, riding her bike, exploring. I am amazed every day by the things she can do. It’s the simple things. Last night Rosalie helped me make the dinner and wash up, and she loved it! She is such a pleasure to be around.

Weight: Rosalie weighs 2 stone and 4 ½ lb.

Height: Rosalie is 89 cms tall.

Daily: Rosalie has been waking up at around 7.30am lately.

On days when I am working Rosalie is quite happy to play in her room with her new dolls house whilst mummy finishes getting ready.

Rosalie spends Mondays with Grandma whilst I work. In September, Rosalie will start going to a gymnastics class at a local gym on Mondays. I think she is going to love this. Rosalie was bought a trampoline for her birthday and she has already learnt how to do a seat drop. She’ll be the next Bryony Page before I know it.

On Tuesdays, we spend the day at home. I usually try and do all my cleaning in the morning and then plan a craft type activity for Rosalie in the afternoon. Rosalie received lots of lovely craft activities and games for her birthday so I can’t wait to start playing with these on our quiet days.
On Wednesday and Thursday mornings Rosalie is looked after by her Nannu Tracy as Mama has to work again. They usually got out for the day with Nanny Pat, Rosalie's Great Grandma. We all for dinner at Nick's Mum's house on a wednesday evening which is wonderful.

On Thursday’s I finish a little earlier at 12pm. Rosalie and I usually have some errands to run.

On Friday's Rosalie and I usually go out for the day and catch up with our friends.

Playtime: oh my goodness! Rosalie has so many new toys for her birthday. She seems to love them all. It was her birthday two days ago and she has enjoyed playing with every gift she has received. It’s a little too early to say what her favourites are at the moment. The things that have had the best reaction so far are her dolls house, she plays with this every time she walks past, and her little hamster toy. She calls it ‘mousey’ and spends ages trying to catch the mouse.

Rosalie loves reading and every night we have a story and cuddle before bed. Rosalie was given some lovely new books for her birthday so I can’t wait to start reading those.

Rosalie still loves Play doh egg surprise videos on youtube. Daddy even made Rosalie her very own play doh egg for her birthday. It went down a treat.

Bedtime: We aim to get Rosalie in bed by 7pm but with the warm weather and lots of birthday celebrations bed time seems to have been extended lately. Every evening we have a bath, story and then bed. Rosalie has started to ask for a play doh egg story before bed every night. I made up a story about a play doh egg once and now I have to keep doing it!

Feeding: Rosalie eats everything we eat. Since she was fully weaned I have always given Rosalie the same dinner as us no matter what it is. She nearly always eats it all. If she doesn’t eat it, or says she doesn't like it, which hardly ever happens, I will offer her fruit. I would say her favourite meals are lasagne, pizza, and macaroni cheese.

Sizes: Since her birthday I have been putting Rosalie in mainly 2 – 3 year clothes. She still fits into size 18- 24 months so I have left both ages of clothes in her drawer for now although it is starting to get a little cramped. I think I will wait to change her drawers over when the weather changes.

Rosalie is wearing size 5+ nappies. Although tomorrow we start potty training. I bought age 2 – 3 year knickers in preparation but they seem a little tight. I will be buying age 3 – 4 year knickers next time. No one wants tight knick-knicks.


Teeth – Rosalie has all but 1 tooth now. She is missing her left, bottom incisor. She is very good at cleaning her teeth and most days, with a little coaxing, she will let you clean her teeth. Although it is still my most hated job!

Talking – Rosalie can say so much now. She repeats everything. I can have a proper conversation with her. It’s so nice to be able to ask her what she wants to do. I love finding out what she enjoys doing.

Potty training – We plan to start potty training tomorrow. Rosalie had some pants on yesterday afternoon and we had 3 accidents with no wees in the toilet or potty #FAIL. I’m sure we will get there.

There we are. I now have a 2 year old! You are a joy, Rosalie June. A little ray of sunshine that lights up my life. You are the reason I keep going. This year didn’t quite go to plan. I had hoped to not go back to work. I am very conscious that every working week that passes, is a week of your life I won’t get back. I hope that it won’t be long till I can quit work and be with you every day. In the meantime, I am going to try an plan fun activities for us to do in the time we do have together. I am looking forward to watching you grow and learn. I love you.


Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Toddler Friendly Party Food

My girl loves cake, and dessert and fruit and chocolate and mainly anything sweet.

For her Birthday Tea I wanted to go all out with the sweet table. I will still be serving sandwiches, crisps and other party food but where I really wanted to go to town was with toddler friendly birthday treats.

I didn’t want to attempt anything that would be too taxing. I wanted simple, tasty treats that were delicious but looked amazing too.

Cup cakes
Rosalie’s wonderful Auntie Lucy made these gorgeous cup cakes. They taste as delicious as they look too!

Crispy cakes
I wanted to make these chocolate dipped crispy cake bars after seeing them on pinterest. You can find the recipe I used here.

Sponge fingers
These are super simple to make but look so good. I was inspired by some similar treats on pinterest made with pink wafers. I decided to choose sponge fingers so they matched our yellow colour scheme.

A Birthday Party wouldn’t be complete without Jelly. My Nana made the scrummy yellow jellies to match our sunshine theme. 

Fruit wands
How cute do these look? Obviously when I saw these on Pinterest I knew I HAD to make them for Rosalie’s party. Ours were yellow themed of course, with grapes, pineapple and melon. I simply cut out my melon shapes and threaded the fruit on to the skewers.

Marshmallow pops
Again, how could I resist these marshmallow pops? They are basically giant marshmallows, dipped in white chocolate and covered in sprinkles. Simple yet they look so lovely.

We are all big pop corn fans in this house and they are so easy for kids to pick up and eat.

Rosalie's Cake
Rosalie's Cake was made by my Nana. It's a simple sponge recipe with apricot jam and butter icing filling. I ordered the cake topper and 2 decorations from Clara Ivy. I am so pleased with how it turned out.

All these recipes are super easy to make. Rosalie even helped me make them which was such a fun thing to do togethee.

Will you be making any of these treats? What party food do you recommend for toddlers?


Friday, 19 August 2016

2nd Birthday Gift Guide

Rosalie’s 2nd Birthday is in 4 days time. Ahhhhhh! As if I nearly have a 2 year old. There is nothing like a growing child to make you wonder where your life is going…

I thought I would put together a little gift guide of 2nd Birthday presents suitable for toddlers.

Crafty things 
Rosalie loves play dough! I didn’t want to choose anything too complicated so I settled on this squeezy turtle. I have also bought her some alphabet cutters to use with the play-doh she has already.

I used to love stationary as a child and it looks like my 2 year old is no different. At least once a day Rosalie will ask to do ‘drawing’. We got her this new set of pens to do it with.

Again, the crafting. Rosalie has only just started to paint but loves it. Even if she does make a mess and get her arms all in it. With an easel you wouldn’t have to worry about that. Rosalie already has a chalk board on the wall so we won’t be buying this but I still think it is a great toddler gift and I am quite tempted...

Who remembers fuzzy felt? I used to love this stuff and I am hoping Rosalie will too. Any craft activity that doesn’t make mess sounds good to me. Now if I could just persuade her that fuzzy felt is all a girl needs.

For the garden 

Rosalie’s Auntie Lucy has bought Rosalie a trampoline for her Birthday. Rosalie loves bouncing and I cant wait to see her little face when she wakes up to it on her birthday morning.

Rosalie’s big present from mummy and daddy. Complete with basket, tassles and a horn. Just what every toddler needs!

I do love a wendy house. They are just so cute. Toddlers love opening and shutting all the doors and windows. Rosalie has a wendy house at nick’s mum’s house and absolutely loves it. 

Hop Along Toy
Toddlers love any kind of ride on toy. You can get this hoppalong toy in so many different designs. Rosalie has this rabbit and a black and white cow.

For the home

I wanted to get a little shelf for Rosalie’s bedroom so she could display all her treasures. This melon shelf fits the bill perfectly.

Duvet Cover
Rosalie is in a cot bed and I have been looking high and low for a cool new duvet cover for her. I couldn’t find one small enough so I haven’t bought one yet. I like this care bear one but the smallest they do in this is single size.

I have wanted to get Rosalie this little table and chairs forever. I think it will be great for her to do her drawing on and it will look stylish in the living room too!

Rosalie loves opening and closing bags and case’s. She likes to put her little toys in there and then carries them around. I picked up this lemon case for Rosalie’s bedroom.


Care Bear
Rosalie enjoys watching care bears on the television and often asks to have it on. I wanted to get her a care bear soft toy. She also loves Yellow so it had to be funshine bear.
Ok, so this toy may be more for mummy than Rosalie but how cool is this? A little fairy plant pot, complete with fairy house and lily pad moat. I plan to plant this up with lots of gorgeous flowers too.

A few weeks ago on our recent trip to London Rosalie was enthralled by the little hamster toy in Hamleys. She spent ages chasing it round and round. I couldn't resist getting her one of her very own.
Nanny Tracy has bought Rosalie this epic dolls house for her birthday. Now I just need to find room for it.

Imagination and role play 

Rosalie likes to play Role play. She loves playing mummy and taking care of her baby and making dinner in her kitchen. I have bought her a nurses outfit to see if she likes dressing up too. 

Beauty Case
Rosalie always watches me put on my ‘hake up’ as she says, she also likes to be involved. I have bought her her very own wooden beauty case complete with make up and even a hair dryer. I'm hoping she'll stay away from mine then!

A few props to help when introducing this new imaginative game. I'm hoping she'll like playing nurses as much as she likes playing her other role play games.

I have bought Rosalie a yellow tutu for her to wear to ballet lessons as well as for dress up. She is going to be the cutest little sunshine!

I hope this helps you in your search for toddler gifts.
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