Rosalie’s 23 Month Update

Ahhh! Rosalie’s last monthly update before turning 2. Despite starting to plan her party months ago, I am totally unprepared. Rosalie, you are absolutely hilarious these days. You waltzed out of the house this morning saying ‘ bye bye mummy!’

Weight: I always mean to weigh Rosalie and don’t get round to doing it. I will do it tonight.
Rosalie’s 23 Month Update - Roseyhome - See how my toddler is developing at 23 months - toddler, development, monthly update


Daily: Rosalie used to wake up at 7am but since we have taken the side off the cot it has been any time from 5 am onwards. I have tried putting her back to bed but usually once she has got out of bed that is it. I have resorted to letting her come into my bed and watch the ipad so I can get a little bit longer in bed.
On work days I get ready whilst Rosalie watches the ipad. I then get Rosalie dressed and we head downstairs for breakfast. On the days I am not working we usually have a lazy morning and go downstairs in our pyjamas to watch some tv together.
Rosalie spends Mondays with Grandma whilst I work. She goes to a gym Joey class which she loves.
On Tuesdays we usually spend the day at home, playing in the garden or doing some drawing or playing with play doh.
On Wednesday Rosalie is looked after by her Nanny Tracy as Mama has to work, again. They usually go and visit Nanny Pat together. We all stay at Nick’s mum’s house for dinner on her wednesday evening which is really nice.
On Thursday’s Rosalie is looked after by her Nanny Tracy again until I finish work at 12.30pm
On Friday’s Rosalie and I usually go out for the day and catch up with our friends.
Rosalie’s 23 Month Update - Roseyhome - See how my toddler is developing at 23 months - toddler, development, monthly update


Playtime: As the weather has been so lovely it has meant that Rosalie has been playing in the garden even more so than usual. She has a paddling pool with a little slide and this has been such a good buy. It was only £24.99 and she absolutely loves it!
Rosalie likes to sing songs and she nearly knows all the words to incy wincy spider. She can count to 10 and knows some of the alphabet song.
Rosalie has recently discovered play doh egg surprise videos on YouTube. She loves these and keeps asking to watch them. I did think this was abit weird at first but she seems to enjoy it so much. Who am I to judge I am a vlogger after all!
Bedtime: Rosalie usually goes to bed at 7pm every night although with these warm evenings it is taking her longer to settle. I have been bathing Rosalie every night as she is usually all sweaty, covered in sunscreen and dirt by the end of the day. We have towel cuddles and change into her pyjamas before cleaning her teeth. Rosalie will then get in to bed whilst I read her a story.
Rosalie’s 23 Month Update - Roseyhome - See how my toddler is developing at 23 months - toddler, development, monthly update


Feeding: I’m happy to report that Rosalie’s eating has returned to normal. She often doesn’t finish her plate though but I think that is because I give her too much food. I must try and give her less. We are at the difficult time when a full portion is too much but if I share my dinner with her she eats over half and I’m left hungry! I’m happy that she is getting all the nutrients she needs. She is very active and seems really tall for her age so she is growing well.
Sizes: Rosalie is wearing a mixture of 18 – 24 month clothes and 2 – 3 year clothes. She seems to fit both well. I am hoping the size 2 – 3 year clothes will last.
Rosalie is wearing size 5+ nappies
Rosalie’s 23 Month Update - Roseyhome - See how my toddler is developing at 23 months - toddler, development, monthly update
Teeth – Rosalie has her last two bottom teeth coming through. Im not sure how to describe them but they are the teeth between her back teeth and front teeth.


Talking – Rosalie is hilarious. She can say so much now and repeats everything you say. I am not sure if she is advanced for her age as she is my first baby but she does seem to say a lot. Other mum’s and friends keep saying to us that she can say a lot. A lady on the tube said her vocabulary was excellent as she overheard her chatting away. Her imagination is great and we can have full blown conversations now. It is lovely getting to know her little personality.
Potty training – Rosalie did a wee and a poo in the potty last week as she was running around with just her swim stuff on. I am thinking I need to start potty training but I need to find a week when we are not busy so we can stay in and get it done.
Rosalie’s 23 Month Update - Roseyhome - See how my toddler is developing at 23 months - toddler, development, monthly update
We have had the best summer so far. We had two wonderful breaks away. You are loving being outside so much. You amaze me every day with the things you say and the new things you learn. I am loving getting to know you and finding out what you like and dislike. You are my sunshine and you bring so much joy. We have lots of wonderful things planned for your birthday month. I hope you enjoy every minute.
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  • Reply
    Sabrina Jillah
    28th July 2016 at 1:02 PM

    Aw last update before she turns 2 – bet you are emotional! Although I think 2 was my favourite age for Tyler, all the days out we had. I remember the nightmare of taking the cot side off the bed – suddenly Tyler kept coming into our bed just because he could! I hope Rosalie goes back to getting up later! xx

  • Reply
    The London Mum
    29th July 2016 at 10:58 AM

    My little one is exactly the same with waking up. Once he's awake that's it! No going back to bed for love nor money!

  • Reply
    Tinyfootsteps Blog
    29th July 2016 at 12:58 PM

    It seems only minutes ago I was writing my daughter's last update before turning two… she's now nearly two and a half. It's freaky how fast the time goes. It sounds like she's doing amazingly well and she's so lucky to have such lovely nannies to look after her whilst mama works.

  • Reply
    My Dearest Darlings
    29th July 2016 at 2:53 PM

    Oh goodness bet you are super emotional! Rosalie sounds like such a sweetheart & your photos together are lovely! xx

  • Reply
    Ali Chapman
    29th July 2016 at 4:23 PM

    You sound like you've got the perfect home/work balance with all that childcare, that's such a headache for me as I can only use my mum and don't like to take advantage. happy birthday for next month little one!

  • Reply
    Kellie Kearney
    30th July 2016 at 10:25 AM

    Awh she's thriving , the little beauty. Lovely update, a summer full of memories 🙂

  • Reply
    2nd August 2016 at 7:25 AM

    My middle daughter is a really early riser. I'm hoping it's just a phase.

  • Reply
    2nd August 2016 at 6:53 PM

    Aw it sounds like she's doing really well and that you;re having a fab Summer so far x x

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