Toddler friendly Christmas Cards

Toddler Friendly Christmas Cards - Roseyhome - craft, toddler, christmas, advent, baby, toddler friendly
Rosalie and I made some Christmas Cards for our nearest and dearest. It went relatively well. My white walls aren’t in need of a need repaint, and apart from the minor mishap where Rosalie had her first taste of paint. All was fine.
Here’s how you can make some easy Christmas cards with your toddler.

You will need:::

·         White card
·         Green card
·         A gold pen or pencil
·         A glue stick
·         Finger Paints
·         Scissors
·         Apron for your little one
1. First things first, Protect your surfaces! We want this activity to be as fun and mess free as possible. I tend to split open a bin bag and hang it over the end of our dining table. This means that once we have finished I can pick up the corners of the bin bag scoop up all the mess and pop it in the bin. Clean up done.

2. Cut you green card into triangle shapes. I did mine free hand so they have a more abstract look 🙂 You could use a template if you would like yours to all be the same size and symmetrical.


3. It’s time to get painting! I already had a set of finger paints that I picked up from Aldi on a shopping trip for £2.99. Any toddler friendly paint will do. I just opened up each pot of paint, dipped Rosalie’s fingers in and let her dot baubles on the green triangles.I would recommend having a cloth to hand so you can keep wiping your little one’s hands after they have finished dotting. This will help you avoid the dreaded paint in the mouth moment!

4. Once you have finished dotting baubles on all of your Christmas trees. Leave the trees to dry.

5. Next you will need to fold your white card in half to create a card that stands up. I cut my A4 sheets in half with scissors and then folded each half, in half to create a card.

6. I then glued on our decorated Christmas trees and drew a gold star on top to make them look extra festive (and so my family can see they are actually Christmas trees!)

7. We are done! All you need to do now is to write your cards and post them off to your loved ones.

You can view a video of how we made our Christmas cards here.

Toddler Friendly Christmas Cards - Roseyhome - craft, toddler, christmas, advent, baby, toddler friendly

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