5 steps to a deep sleep

I have had a really hard time sleeping of late. I’m used to having the bed all to myself. My husband has stopped working shifts, he now works regular hours and wants to go to bed at the same time as me. It is most inconvenient.

It was getting abit ridiculous. I was lying in bed till gone 12pm scrolling through instagram whilst the other one snores loudly next to me. Something had to change. So I started to implement a relaxing bed time routine.
First of all, I light a candle and pull back my sheets. You can’t beat slipping into a turned down bed. If it’s really cold I’ll slide a hot water bottle under there too. I normally have a candle on the go on my bedside table. I try and pick ones with a lavender scent or geranium scent as I know these are the most calming. Neom do a gorgeous one with English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine. At the moment, I am trying the Neals Yard Calming Candle. It has a lovely smell but the scent doesn’t seem to fill the room like the Neom candle does. The Neom one is expensive though so I have to think twice before repurchasing.
Secondly,  I’ll make myself a calming cup of tea.  Each bag contains a relaxing blend of lemon balm, lime flower, passion flower, skullcap and soothing pink rose petals. I love this stuff! I am not a fan of herbal or fuit teas. Usually the only tea I drink has milk and sugar in. But this isn’t like normal herbal tea, its actually quite palatable. Its supposed to quiet a racing mind and ease symptoms of anxiety. A real hug in a mug. I don’t know how but it works. I can feel my eyes getting heavier with each sip.
Thirdly, I clean my teeth and wash may face with a hot cloth. I run the tap, once its nice and hot I run my cloth underneath it, open it out and lay it over my face for 30 seconds. The heat opens up all my pores allowing me to deeply clean my skin and remove every last trace of make up. Those 30 seconds are also rather wonderful, sometimes I’ll do it twice just because I like it. I also like to rub the hot cloth across the back of my neck, I find this little action helps to relax me after a busy day.
No.4, after my face is clean and has been patted dry, I put on a really good night cream. My current choice is the Neal’s Yard Beauty Sleep Concentrate. Not only is it packed with lots of wonderful, all natural, ingredients that support your skins night time rejuvenation. It also contains a sleep inducing blend of aromatherapy essential oils to help you drift off peacefully.
Lastly, right before I get in to bed, I will give my pillows a spritz with this Neom pillow spray, blow out my candle (very important!) and dive in. If like me your husband goes to bed at the same time he is sure to moan. Just ignore him, he’ll be asleep soon! Snuggle up and inhale deeply as you drift off to the land of nod.
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    Peak Nootropics
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