Work life

So today is the day I start back at work.


How do I feel? Right now, bored. I can’t remember any of my passwords and my outlook account has gone cray cray.
I’ve been here an hour and I still havnt managed to log in. If I was at home I would have cleaned the kitchen, taken the dog for a walk, the baby would be up, fed, dressed.
I feel like it is a waste of my life. There are so many more productive things I could be doing at home.
It isn’t too bad I suppose. Rosalie was having great fun with Grandma this morning. She was a little sad to see me leave but all in all she handled it well.
I’m sat at my desk without little hands clawing at my knees. I can drink my coffee without the worry that a bounding baby will send it flying. Maybe, I could get used to this.
Or maybe not, its 9.35am and I have got to stay here until 5pm!!!!!!!!! Kill me now.
This is whats going on in my brain. I swing back and forth, from yes to no, every 5 seconds. I can do this! No I can’t, yes I can!
Really? Truthfully, It’s not so bad. It’s not my ideal way to spend the day. I CAN do this, and I think I will.
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