Garden Update – June 2015

June has somehow crept upon us, bringing with it lots of jobs that need doing in the garden.

I can’t moan too much. I have only been taking care of my raised beds and pots this year. The garden is being dug up in July so I haven’t bothered doing any work else where in the garden. It’s looking pretty hideous. There is one particularly bad area known as weed corner. With weeds as high as your waist, I kid you not!! Its so depressing, I have to pretend it’s not there.

I digress, back to what I HAVE been doing in the garden. My seedlings had grown to big for their seed tray and needed to be repotted. I decided to plant them straight out in to the raised beds and pots I had waiting. I think really I should have repotted them into larger pots and then moving them into the raised beds when they were a little bigger. That seemed like too much hassle so I just went for it and planted them in the bed. I’m not too fussed if they die I’ll just go to the garden centre and buy some plants.

You can see how I did this by watching June’s garden update video here.
How is your garden growing?
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