Rosalie’s 17th and 18th Week of Life + Christmas 2014


Here we have Rosalie’s eagerly anticipated 17th and 18th week of life video.
I jest, I jest!

I know these aren’t the most exciting of videos. Even I find 3 minutes of Rosalie gurgling a tad, shall we say ‘samey’?! And she is my little darling. However, I started on this journey so I shall finish it. 52 weeks people!

Genuinely, I’m so glad I am keeping a record of her life. I started to look through Rosalie’s very first videos and already she has changed so much. She seems like a little person now.
Rosalie started off her 17th week of life with her first ever visit to see Father Christmas. She wasn’t fazed at all and even I thought he looked a little creepy. That week we pretty much stayed in and busied ourselves around the house. We had the last of our swimming lessons and relax and stretch classes before Christmas. I had a little Christmas gathering for all the mums in our NCT group, a lady came and gave us a talk on weaning. Little did I know how crucial that was going to be! We finished off the big pre christmas clean and most of the present wrapping.
Rosalie's 17th & 18th Week of Life - See what we got up to in Rosalie's 17th & 18th Week of life

Rosalie’s 18th week of life was also the week of her first Christmas. On the Sunday before Christmas we met up with our friends and had a lovely afternoon, chatting, and wearing Christmas jumpers in front of the log burner. The mulled wine was flowing, the babies and dogs were playing, Rod Stewart was serenading us. It was such a wonderful start to the festive week and really got me feeling christmassy. I think we should make it a new Christmas tradition.

On Monday the 22nd we had a special dinner at Nick’s Mum’s house as it was the first night Auntie Lucy had come home for Christmas.
On the Tuesday I did my final house clean before the big day. On Christmas Eve we were having a family gathering at Nick’s Auntie and Uncle’s house so I knew I wouldn’t get a chance to do it then. Rosalie had a lovely time with the family. We watched Father Christmas fly over head and ate lots of yummy food. Including Christmas Camembert, My favourite! After putting Rosalie to bed, Christmas Eve evening was spent curled up on the sofa with Auntie Lucy watching goggle box and drinking mulled wine. Bliss!
Rosalie's 17th & 18th Week of Life - See what we got up to in Rosalie's 17th & 18th Week of life

On Christmas Day, my family came over in the morning so we could open all our presents together. Nick, Rosalie and I were thoroughly spoilt! You can see what I got for Christmas here. After the present opening we began to cook dinner. GG had already done a lot of the prep at home. The Turkey was cooked, the beef was on and the vegetables chopped so there wasn’t much for me to do.

At 2pm Nick’s family came round. Nanny Tracy brought with her more vegetable dishes and stuffing. We had a feast! We then sat down to eat said feast. Rosalie had her first taste of food. Read more about that here. After dinner and dessert 6pm soon came round. We then all relocated to Nick’s Mum’s House. She has more sofas available for maximum post dinner lounging. We opened more presents with them and spent the evening playing games as is tradition.
On Boxing Day, I went over to my mums house to celebrate her Birthday. We had a lovely cooked breakfast for brunch followed by a picnic tea in the evening. We had visits from my Auntie and Mum’s Cousin so it was lovely to catch up with them. We played the obligatory christmas games into the night.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. You can view the video of Rosalie’s 17th and 18th week of life including snippets of her first christmas here.
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