Baby Chair Makeover


This little chair belonged to my paternal grandmother. I
remember it being in her flat in London, Joe and I used to play with it whilst
we were there. When she died it was given to my brother and I. It has suffered
many years of abuse from the two of us. The back had broken off from the seat
and was glued back on many times and the seat was all paint splattered. However
it is very sentimental to me and I call it my ‘heirloom’ much to Nick’s dismay.
I wanted to use the chair in the baby’s nursery, Nick was not
so keen. I can kind of see why. It’s not looking its best. So I set about
making it look lovely.
Basically I painted it in my favourite Annie Sloan Chalk
Paint.  Firstly I asked Nick to drill out
the years of dried glue stuck in the spindle holes in the back on the chair. I
then set about regluing the spindles in place with wood glue. I left this a few
days before painting to ensure the glue dried and the chair was nice and
Half painted Chair


I then painted the chair in two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk
paint in old white and once the paint was dry I waxed it. Here is the finished


After – Baby Chair
Cant wait to see it in the finished nursery!
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