Maternity Style – Cornwall Day 1

As I have ventured into maternity wear for the first time I thought I’d write about some of the new clothes I have been wearing on holiday and what I think of them.

Yesterday we went to have a look around St Ives in the day and to scout out some good restaurants for dinner that evening. The weather was drizzly and windy, so I wore black leggings, uggs and smock dress and my big parka. Casual and comfy. We decided to walk into St Ives from Carbis Bay as we had just missed a train and didn’t want to wait another 40mins for the next one. The coastal walk in took the same amount of time. 40 minutes of walking along the cornish coastline is NOT fun with a bun in the oven! I was breathless to say the least. I was definitely glad I had worn my uggs.

I didn’t take a picture of this outfit as I decided to do this wardrobe diary after I’d already changed out of it. The leggings I wore were black maternity leggings from asos so they came up over bump. This was perfect as it meant I had lots of room for my cream tea!

Top – Asos, Leggings – Newlook, Sandals – Primark

Later that evening we got changed to go into St Ives again for dinner. I chose a black loose fitting woven cami maternity top from asos and teamed it with a pair of dark denim leggings from newlook maternity. Both of these items were bought from asos. The top is £9 in sale at the moment and the leggings were £12.99.

The top, I love! It covers the bump so well and the style means it doesn’t dig in anywhere at all. The leggings I found came a little too high for me at the moment. I couldn’t find a comfortable place for the waistband to sit. As my bump grows bigger though I am sure I will be glad of the extra length around the middle!

Cardigan – Primark

The sandals I bought last year from primark. The fluffy cardigan is also from primark and is not maternity just a size 12.

Pyjamas – Cath Kidston

I took this delightful make up less pic to show you the pyjamas I decided to pack. As we are holidaying in England I knew it wouldn’t be too hot at night. I also wanted some pyjamas that covered my modesty so that I could mooch around the house in them with the family. These floral lovelies are from Cath Kidston, natch! I bought these in a size M a few weeks ago as they were in the sale at only £35. Trust me, for Cath Kidston pyjamas this is good!

The trousers are loose enough so they don’t dig in despite not being maternity. They also have a tie cord which means I can wear the pyjama bottoms below bump and tie them securely so that they won’t fall down. I should be able to get a few more weeks out of these pyjamas before my belly starts peeking out. I would definitely recommend these pyjamas to any pregnant ladies not wanting to purchase maternity pyjamas but still wanting to feel well covered.

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