Baby Girl Nursery Plan

I have put together a plan for our nursery. Mainly so I could see if all the items I wanted in my wish list, actually looked ok together. The contentious issue being the white cot/pine furniture dilemma. Ideally I’d have all white furniture but that isn’t what we have and I am TRYING to be frugal! I have explained a bit more about each item below so I can justify to myself (and my husband!) why I need them. All of them. 

Cot bed and Mattress

These are from Izziwotnot. The Cot bed is a Bailey sleighcot bed and is priced at £299.00. The mattress is £59.95. I like the shape of this cot bed and the fact it doesn’t have a drawer underneath. I’m all for extra storage but I don’t like the fact you can see whats in the drawer when the bed is being used as a high cot. You can buy the cot drawer as an extra on its own so we can always buy it at a later date if we feel we need it.

Cot Bumper and quilt

I LOVE this with all my heart! Words cannot describe how much I want it. It’s from the little white company and it is ridiculously expensive. The five items I want in this range come to over £200 and I’m not sure if I can bring myself to pay it. Who am I kidding?! I definitely would pay it. I’m not sure if the husband will allow me to buy it. The quilt is big so I am not sure we would even be able to use it whilst we have the cot bed set up as a cot. But we would need to buy it now in case it sold out or got discontinued in the future, right?!


This is the pink gingham sheet as shown in the picture with the little baby , the marketing material that started my little white company obsession. Its £20, FOR A SHEET!!! But £20 is not THAT much! And I would have to have it all to match.

Cushion Cover

The little white company again. This cushion cover is £30. £30 and that doesn’t even include the cushion. I need this though to go on my rocking chair to tie it all in together. Luckily, I have a spare cushion at home already that it will hopefully fit.

Sleeping bag

Final little white company item. This is so sweet and is £28 which I don’t actually think is that bad. This item will get lots of use and is suuuuper cute! How sweet is the little peter pan collar?! It’s like our little lady will be dressing up for bed.

Rocking chair

I plan to get a rocking chair from eBay. I have been watching lots of rocking chairs for a while. I hope to spend around £30 which is why it is taking a bit longer. When I purchase said rocking chair I am going to paint it in Old White Annie Sloan Chalk paint and it will look as good as new!


We have these curtains already. They were made to measure from Dunelm Mill and they are currently hang in our dining room. They don’t really go there and nick has never liked them so this is an ideal opportunity to move them to somewhere more suitable. It also means we make a saving by not having to buy new curtains. Everyone’s a winner.


This is the carpet we inherited when we bought the house. This is a really good quality carpet and its not a bad colour so its staying. Ij ust hope it looks ok when it’s all in and that we don’t get any paint on it!

Paint Colour

The paint colour we have chosen is White Cotton by Dulux. We will probably have this in most rooms because I like it and I think it is a nice off white. My mum will hate the fact that we will be having the same colour in every room but I like it and its my house, so there!

Changing Mat
This changing mat is priced at £7.99 from Toys ‘R’ us. I like it because its cheap and the gingham checks are small like the sheet from the white company so it will all match perfectly. This will sit on top of thec hest of drawers and we will use this as a changing table.

Wicker baskets
The small wicker basket lined in pink gingham check will sit on top of the changing table/chest of drawers. This will house all the baby changing essentials for easy access. This basket was £7.49.

The extra-large white hamper with pink gingham lining , I plan to put this on top of the wardrobe to store all blankets and extra cot bedlinen in. This was £7.99.

The wicker laundry basket with pink gingham lining was £16.99, it will stand on the floor somewhere, probably in the corner next to the rocking chair. All baskets are from Ebay.

Night light
I have liked this for a very long time. I bought one for my friend to put in her baby shower hamper and I have wanted one of my own ever since. Now is my chance and its only £4.95. Positively cheap in comparison to the rest!
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