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Style – Winter Warmer

I am so in love with this furry waistcoat. I say furry, it’s not actually fur though. It’s a crocheted woollen waistcoat with fluffy thread wound through. Y’all know how I feel about crochet! I think it’s actually better than fur. It’s softer, more cosy. Perfect for this kind of cold, bright weather we’re having. It’s an item, I foolishly thought, although lovely, I didn’t actually NEED! But I have got so much wear out of it already. I keep…

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    So today is the day I start back at work.   How do I feel? Right now, bored. I can’t remember any of my passwords and my outlook account has gone…

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    I wish I was a 40’s housewife so that staying at home was just the done thing and I didn’t have to make this decision. It’s always been my dream to…